Online Timecards for Employees

Welcome to the Research Foundation Online Timecard system. In order to use the employee online timecard link below, please make sure you are using one of these browsers:

PC: Chrome, Firefox, IE

Mac: Chrome, Safari, IE


Employee Online Log-In

Go to the Employee Online Timecard link.

A. Online Reporting Users, Central Office Users, and Timecard Signers/Reviewers, follow the instructions below:

Log in using the text "SJSUAD\" followed by your nine-digit SJSU Single Sign-On ID
(your SJSU ID number). 

Your password is your SJSU Single Sign-On ID password (your SJSU ID password).

Log-in Window

B. All Other Employees, follow the instructions below:

Log in using your Bi-Tech ID (Initial and last name e.g. Jsmith).

Your password is your Bi-Tech password. 

Bitech Login

Timecard Online Tab

When this screen appears, click the “Timecard Online” tab on the top menu bar.

Window

The following screen appears:

Enter Your Hours


If you are an hourly employee, enter the number of hours you worked and press "Next" to move the calandar forward to see subsequent work days. If you are an exempt employee, indicate the days when you were out of the office by entering the number "8" in the appropriate date and category space. Press "Next" to move the calendar forward to subsequent work days.

Once this information is entered, select your supervisor's name from the drop-down menu, then select Submit Time. 

If you need assistance, please contact the Research Foundation IT team at: