Workers Compensation

Safety is the responsibility of each employee and is a key priority at the Research Foundation. It is important that each employee contribute to the safe work practices of the Research Foundation. 

Safety is a condition of employment and each employee must assume personal responsibility for themselves and others. Occupational injuries or illnesses are covered by the Research Foundation’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy through CSURMA/AORMA, and is provided at no cost to the employee. The Workers’ Compensation program is currently administered by Sedgwick CMS.

Supervisors and managers are also charged with reporting work-related accidents, illnesses, and injuries in a prompt and timely manner. Consistent with applicable state law, failure to report a work-related injury or illness could jeopardize your claim. We request your assistance in alerting management to any condition that could lead or contribute to an employee injury or accident.

All accidents, injuries, potential safety hazards must be reported immediately to your manager or to the Human Resources department. If you or another employee is injured seriously, immediately contact appropriate emergency response agencies, if needed.

An “Inury or Illness Invesigation Report form must be completed in all cases in which an injury requiring medical attention has occurred. Even if an injury does not require immediate medical attention, this form should still be completed, in case medical treatment is later needed and to insure that any existing safety hazards are corrected.

If an injury happens at work, please:

For more information, please contact Director of Human Resources Lupe Lechuga at (408) 924-1410 or