FAQs | Applications (Spring 2014)

What is the Application-Selection-Orientation timeline?

2/10/14         Call for Applications distributed (electronically/physically)

2/18/14         Information Session (Tues 2/18/14 @ 1:00-2:30 in CL 412)

3/2/14           APPLICATIONS DEADLINE (Sunday @ 11:59 PM)

3/7/14           Review of applications | selection of Fellows & Scholars

3/17/14         Selected applicants informed of positive decision

3/24/14         Other applicants informed of negative decision

3/31/14         Selected applicants confirm acceptance of appointment

4/4/14           Orientation session for new Fellows & Scholars

6/2-8/14        Scholars attend GCP #64 in Salzburg

7/6-13/14      Fellows attend GCP #65 in Salzburg

I do not have a passport.  When should I get one?

If you do not already own a passport, apply for one immediately.  It will come in handy whether or not you are selected for the Program this year.  The process takes at least six weeks (and even longer, if you are not a US Citizen) and, if you are selected and plan on flying out on June 1, you will have had to apply by mid-April.  DO NOT wait until then – we have had Program participants in the past forfeit their place because they were not able to receive their passport in time.

How many Scholars and Fellows do you expect to select for the Summer 2014 Global Citizenship Program (GCP) sessions?

This year, we are expecting to send 3-4 Fellows and 8-10 Scholars to Salzburg.  We may select more or less than that, however, based on the number of qualified applicants we receive and the amount of funding available.

What is the required commitment for those selected to be Fellows and Scholars?

Fellows and Scholars are required to fulfill an 18-month commitment, from Spring 2014-Spring 2015.  They will participate in orientation meetings and activities in the Spring 2014 to prepare for their trip to Salzburg, attend a Global Citizenship Program at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Summer 2014, participate in meetings with other Fellows and Scholars during Fall 2014 to help plan and organize projects for globalizing the university, and work on those projects throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.  We expect to see tangible results from those projects by end of your formal commitment in Spring 2015.  However, many Fellows and Scholars continue working to help globalize SJSU beyond their required 18 months of service.

If selected, will I be fully funded?

While full funding for Scholars has been the norm in previous years, that will not be the case this year.  We will provide several Scholars with full funding (program fees and travel costs) and will provide partial funding for other Fellows and Scholars (program fees only), who will be responsible for covering their own travel costs.  Program fees are $2,400 for Fellows and $,1750 for Scholars, while travel expenses are expected to be $1,300-$1,800 (depending on travel itineraries, when travel occurs, and when travel is booked – but participants can also redeem airline miles).  We may invite qualified applicants to serve as Fellows and Scholars even if we cannot provide any financial support, on the condition that they fully fund their own participation (program fees + travel costs).

What is the typical structure of a GCP Session?

During each week-long intensive GCP session, 40-60 participants from institutions of higher education throughout the United States will attend lectures on critical global issues by world-class GCP faculty members and work on group projects related to these issues.  They will also have an opportunity to discuss them more deeply with the GCP faculty and other participants during meals and outside formal activities through each day and evening.

If selected, will I have to return to the United States immediately after finishing the GCP session?

No.  In fact, many Fellows and Scholars in the past have stayed and traveled to other countries after completing their GCP session and have found the experience deeply transformative.  Your plans after the GCP session are entirely up to you.  Do keep in mind that you will be responsible for all of your own extra travel costs.

What do we look for in an applicant?

We look for applicants that demonstrate individual excellence in what they do, leadership in working with others to address broader concerns, and leverage for influencing people on an institutional level.  Ultimately, we want to know what you have to offer: your strengths, interests, and motivation in creating positive change at San Jose State University.  Let us know why global citizenship is important to you and what you want to do to help globalize the campus.

If I am not selected, can I apply next year?

If you are not selected this year, do not be discouraged.  Many applicants may be highly qualified for the Program, but are not selected in a particular year solely due to a lack of funding.  Several Fellows and Scholars in recent years have been chosen after multiple applications.  We encourage you to apply again in the future, as long as you will be working at or matriculated into San Jose State University for at least one year after the GCP session, so that you can fulfill the 18-month commitment that is required of all Fellows and Scholars.

Is there anything else I need to know about the application process?

Yes.  Only electronic applications submitted through the Program website will be considered.  Note that you must attach a CV or resume in PDF format only as part of the application package (the application will not go through unless the attachment is in PDF format).  In addition, you will not be able to save any progress on your application.  For this reason, we recommend that you prepare your long-answer responses in a separate document and then paste them into the application when you are ready to submit it.

Other questions?  Email us at Salzburg-Program@sjsu.edu