Program Leadership

Program Administration


Bill Reckmeyer

Bill Reckmeyer | Director & Co-Founder

(Professor of Leadership & Systems – Anthropology, College of Social Sciences; and IES Senior Fellow, International and Extended Studies)

Director & Co-Founder, SJSU Salzburg Program (2006-2011). Salzburg Global Fellow (1995-2004) and Faculty Chair, International Study Program in Global Citizenship (2004-Present). Fulbright Host/Scholar (2007); Chief Systems Scientist, Systems of Systems Center of Excellence (2003-2006); Kellogg National Leadership Fellow (1988-1992); President, American Society for Cybernetics (1982-1985). Visiting Professor at leading universities in US, Europe, and Australia, including Sydney (2010); Stanford (2009-2010; 2003-2006); Maryland (2000-2005); Harvard (1993-1999); St. Gallen (1995, 1987); Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (1985-1993); and USC (1985-1986). SJSU’s Outstanding Professor (2010), Austen D. Warburton Award (2009), and Distinguished Faculty Mentor (2011).


Sophie Powers | Program Assistant

(Senior - Double Major in Anthropology, College of Social Sciences; and Humanities, College of Humanities & Arts)


Steering Group


Mark Novak

Mark Novak | Co-Founder

(Professor - Sociology, College of Social Sciences)

Dr. Novak has supervised university international and professional development programs for the past 25 years in Canada and the United States, including SJSU’s Study Abroad programs and International House. An active scholar in the study of adult development, adult education, and aging, Dr. Novak has written numerous articles for professional journals in the United States and abroad. He has also written several books, including a general interest study on Successful Aging, and other texts in the field of gerontology. He has served on the board of the San Jose Jazz Society, currently serves on the board of the Silicon Valley Workforce Investment Network, and is an active member of Rotary International.

Cynthia Rostankowski

Cynthia Rostankowski | Faculty Advisor - Salzburg Scholars

(Coordinator | Humanities Honors Program)

SJSU Salzburg Fellow (2010), SJSU Salzburg Faculty Advisor (2013-2014), and SJSU Salzburg Steering Group (2012-Present).  A former Fulbright-Hays Scholar at Georg-August University in Göttingen, Germany, Cynthia teaches team-taught, interdisciplinary, and multicultural courses in the humanities from antiquity to the 21st century.  Areas of research and interest include topics in aesthetics and philosophy of art, medieval culture, and student thriving.  Past board of trustees member of the American Society for Aesthetics.  B.A. in Philosophy and German, Marquette University, Wisconsin; M.A. and Ph.D. in Philosophy, Stanford University, California.

Brad Stone

Brad Stone | Chair - Fellows Selection Committee

(Chair & Professor - Chemistry, College of Science)

SJSU Distinguished Service Award (2013); SJSU Salzburg Fellow (2008); SJSU Salzburg Steering Group (2010-2013); and former Chair of the University Council of Chairs and Directors (2007-2010). Brad has been a long-time research collaborator in photo physics and microfluidics at Imperial College, London (1994-present); and in planetary atmospheres and laboratory astrophysics at NASA Ames Research Center (1989-present). He has also served as University Co-Director, NASA Faculty Fellowship Program (2000-2005). A jazz aficionado, Brad has 30+ years of experience as radio programmer, KSJS faculty advisor, and jazz music director. He is a 7-time recipient of the Jazz Programmer of the Year Award (Jazz-Week and Gavin); the Duke DuBois Humanitarian Award (JazzWeek 2008); and is a long-time Board Member for San José Jazz as well as the Jazz Organ Fellowship.

Andy Wood

Andy Wood | Faculty Advisor - Salzburg Scholars Club

(Professor - Communication Studies, College of Social Sciences; and Humanities Honors Program, College of Humanities & Arts)

SJSU Salzburg Fellow (2010); SJSU Salzburg Faculty Advisor (2012); Faculty Advisor, SJSU Salzburg Scholars Club (2013), and SJSU Salzburg Steering Group (2011-2013). Dr. Wood has authored or co-authored books on internet communication, reality television, roadside Americana, and the 1939 New York World's Fair. His latest book on City Ubiquitous: Place, Communication, and the Rise of Omnitopia received the 2009 Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Award from the Urban Communication Foundation. His peer-reviewed articles have appeared in Critical Studies in Media Communication, Text and Performance Quarterly, and Communication Theory. He has also served on editorial boards for several regional and national journals. An in-demand speaker & commentator, Andy’s ideas have appeared in USA Today, National Public Radio, and other media.

Carmel Weiler

Carmel Weiler | Program Assistant - Salzburg Orientation

(Graduate Student – MA in Philosophy, College of Humanities & Arts)

SJSU Salzburg Scholar (2012). BA in Humanities, minor in German from SJSU (2011); Dean’s Scholar (2011); and member of the Provost’s Honors Seminar (2012). Carmel is a member of Phi Kappa Phi (2012) and of Toastmasters International (2001-Present), where she has served as Club President (2002-2003), Area Governor (2003-2004), Division Governor (2004-2005), and Distinguished Toastmaster (2004). She is fluent in German, having spent her senior year of high school as an exchange student in Germany with Youth For Understanding, and has volunteered with YFU as a team teacher specializing in the Pre-Departure Orientation program. Carmel is President and Technology Consultant for ComTego, Inc. since founding it in 2001. Prior to that, she was an IT Manager for several Silicon Valley startups.