Definition of Student Success

Definition of Student Success for SJSU

San Jose State University (SJSU) works actively and collaboratively to help students identify and strive toward their maximum potential whether it leads to an SJSU degree or not. San Jose State University's student success framework provides a rich and diverse learning environment to engage students not only in mastering core subject areas but also in developing and refining their competencies in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving quantitative literacy, information literacy, communication and collaboration. The ultimate goal of our student success efforts is to produce citizens who possess intellectual, social and life skills that are adaptable, culturally respectful, transformative, productive and responsible.

Student success has some measurable outcomes and others that cannot be measured during a student's academic career. It is the goal of SJSU to foster the desire for life-long learning and engagement as well as ownership of a student's educational and intellectual development as it contributes to a personal identity and maximization of potential. SJSU wants each student's vision to be broadened so that they have the self-confidence to seek out new experiences.