Strategic Directions

Effective and coordinated academic success services are critical in improving retention and graduation rates as well as enhancing the overall undergraduate student experience. SASS strives to be a campus hub for supporting academic success efforts and services for the SJSU campus community. Our strategic directions include:

  • SJSU's Retention/Graduation Initiative:

    Build, refine and sustain capacity and participate fully in SJSU's Retention/Graduation Initiative.

  • SASS/SJSU Collaborations:

    Strengthen our collaborations with colleges and departments, especially college advising and success centers, Student Affairs, Student Life and our local community colleges.

  • Advising Hub:

    Increase the visibility and use of the Advising Hub for students, faculty and staff here at San Jose State University.

  • Peer Academic Success Services:

    Create a centralized peer advising  and tutoring program that will provide these services to students in various academic units and housing.