SASS Values

Student Academic Success Services has core values that make student success at San Jose State University our priority. SASS guides students in the right direction, whether it's setting up a reservation to our Fishbowl rooms located in Clark Hall or helping students find answers to make sure they graduate on time. Here are our core values:

  • Student Success:

    We value student success that focuses on student academic achievement and student holistic development, so that our graduates are responsible life-long learners who contribute to the global workforce as well as their communities. 

  • Inclusive Excellence:

    We value the Associate of American Colleges and University's (AACU) guiding principle on inclusive excellence to integrate diversity, equity and educational effectiveness into each of the SASS units. 

  • Communication:

    We value communicating with our SASS colleagues, faculty, staff and other colleagues in the student success communities. 

  • Professional Development:

    We value each SASS faculty and staff member and strive to provide a wide array of opportunities to increase their student success knowledge base, to enable them to provide the highest quality academic services to our students.