Below is a list of our Courses that are offered through the Science Education Program. 

SCI 110: Global Themes of Science 

The themes of energy, evolution, and systems & interactions will be used to examine conceptual connections between biological, earth and physical sciences. Emphasis will be given to strategies best suited to teach these unifying global themes of science.
Prerequisite: BIOL 21, CHEM 35, and GEOL 103.
Number of Units: 3

SCED 173: Secondary School Science

Theory and practice, instructional techniques, and materials for science in the secondary schools.

Pre/Corequisite: EDSC 172A, EDSC 173, EDSC 184X and secondary science education advisor approval.
Class Day and Time: Tuesdays, 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring
Number of Units: 3

SCED 174: Training to teach

This is a service learning course in which student will investigate how people learn and how to teach as they are immersed in teaching roles in the San Jose community that will involve them acting as: Instructors leading small groups in science after school activities, facilitators assisting teaching with student centered activities and tutors providing personalized assistance.

Pre/Corequisite: CHEM 1A, CHEM 30A, Math 19
Semesters Offered: Fall 
Number of Units: 3

SCED 175: Classroom Experience in Science Teaching

Investigations of teaching career choices based on classroom experiences. Fulfills pre-professional experience requirement for K-12 science teaching. Repeatable for credit with instructor consent.

Pre/Corequisite: Upper division standing.
Number of Units: Credit/No Credit

SCED 184Y: Student Teaching II- Classroom Teaching

Minimum 80-120 class hours of classroom, lab or field teaching in appropriate single subject, grades K-12 and related teaching activities/seminar. Prerequisite: SCED 173 (Science Credential Candidates must complete
SCED 173 with a grade of "B" or better, "B-" not accepted) and joint approval of the Science Education Program and the Secondary Education Department.
Number of Units:

SCI 204: Advanced Natural Science

Peer teaching and leadership instruction in earth science. Demonstrations, classroom activities, field projects and teaching strategies for K-12 teacher groups.
Prerequisite: Teaching credential and instructor consent.
Number of Units:

SCI 220: Theories and Practices in Science Education

Analysis of current trends in science curriculum and instruction. Orientation for the philosophy and scope of the program. Emphasis on development of a theory of instruction and curriculum in science with implications for practice. 

Misc/Lab: Lecture/seminar: 3 hours.
Notes: Teaching experience preferred. Must be taken during first year in program.
Number of Units:

SCI 255: Advanced Natural Science

Selected topics in natural science or science education.

Number of Units: 1-3


SCI 285: Seminar

Provides a format for the presentation and discussion of original work by faculty, guest investigators and graduate students.

Number of Units: 2


SCI 298: Research

Project development for Plan B MA Natural Science students, to be carried out under direct supervision of a faculty member and committee. Seminar presentation required upon final completion of project.
Grading: Credit/No Credit
Number of Units:

SCI 299: Master's Thesis

Thesis development for Plan A MA Natural Science students, to be carried out under direct supervision of a faculty member and committee. Seminar presentation required upon final completion of thesis. Prerequisite: Admission to candidacy for the master's degree and selection of a thesis committee.
Grading: Mandatory CR/NC/RP
Number of Units: 1-6

SCED 375: Colloquium in Science Education

Resources and innovations for science curriculum development and instruction. An interface with people and facilities which can enhance Bay Area science instruction.

Corequisite: SCED 184Y or SCED 184Z. 
Notes: Also open to experienced teachers.
Grading: Credit/No Credit
Class Day and Time: Thursdays, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm 
Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring
Number of Units: 2