How to Apply to the Science Teacher Credential Program

There Are 3 Main Steps to the Application Process to the Science Education Program; Click the Below Links to Go to the Specific Steps:

Step 1: Submit your application through Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations

Step 2: Submit your application to Secondary Education

Step 3: Submit your application to Science Education Program and taking the Writing Exam

For the Science Education Program, there are 3 Credential Levels:

All three levels requires you to take the California Subject Examinations for Teachers. Please see below for which CSETs you will need to take. Please note the following when applying to the program:

  • CSETs must be taken upon the "extended deadline" of the application packet to Secondary Education. 
  • If you are in progress of taking the CSETs by the "extended deadline", you will be admitted conditionally. You will need to take the CSETs and provided a copy of your results to Secondary Education and our office by the end of the 1st semester in the Credential program. 
  • CSET #118 and CSET #119 are required for all credential seeking applicants due to the requirement to teach 9th grade integrated science during Phase I Student Teaching.

The 3 levels are: 

Foundational Science Credential

General Science (Single Subject Credential)

Specialized Science Credential

After You Have Applied Through GAPE and is In Process of Handing In Your Application Packet to Secondary Education:

  • Contact Science Education at to schedule an appointment to meet with one of the Co-Directors of the Science Education Program and take your writing exam.

  • When you come to the meeting with the Co-Directors, please bring the following information:
    • Fill out the Science Education Subject Matter Competency Report [pdf].
    • Copies of the following items:
      • Unofficial Transcript
      • CSET Scores (See below more information on what CSETs you would need to take for the program)
      • CBEST scores (if applicable)

Writing Exam

Must pass a writing test which will be administered by the Science Education Program Department.  You will be given a prompt and will have 30 minutes to write on a topic that is given to you.  We will forward your written test to Secondary Education for review, and you will be notified by Secondary Education via email as to the status. This test will be scheduled at the same time as the your meeting with one of the Co-Directors of the Science Education Program.

Level 1: Foundational

Steps for Obtaining a Foundational Level Credential

In order to earn a foundational level credential, you need to apply for the multiple subject credential through Elementary Education. In addition, you are required to take the General Science CSETS 118 and CSETS 119 and Secondary School Science (SCED 173) also called Methods. 


Level 2: General Science (Single Subject Credential)

The General Science (Single Subject Credential) is for students that are interested in teaching all basic Science Classes and a specialized Science class. This level's CSETs requirements are: 

  • CSET #118
  • CSET #119
  • 1 Specialized Science Area (See below for more information about the specialized Science Area CSETs).

Specialized Science CSET Tests Information:

Biology/Life Sciences Chemistry Geosciences
(Earth and Planetary Sciences)
#120 + #124 #121 + #125 #122 + #126  #123 + #127


Level 3: Specialized Science Credential

The Specialized Science Credential is for students that would like to teach in specific Science area. There are two ways to obtain this level's credential. 

Option 1:

You will need to take the following CSETs: 

  • CSET #118
  • CSET #119
  • 2 CSETs in 1 Specialized Science Area (See below for more information about the specialized Science Area CSETs). 

Specialized Science CSET Tests Information: 

Biology/Life Sciences Chemistry Geosciences
(Earth and Planetary Sciences)
#120 + #124 #121 + #125 #122 + #126  #123 + #127

Option 2: 

You will need to the following CSETs:
  • CSET #118
  • CSET #119
  • Verify advanced educational background either in the form of a Doctoral or Master's degree.