Dr. Elizabeth Walsh

My research focuses on understanding and supporting student engagement with and participation in socially controversial scientific issues, particularly climate change causes and impacts. I am interested in how learners’ participation in contexts in and out of the science classroom influences attitudes toward, understandings of and participation in STEM generally, and climate science in particular.   My current work includes examining youth’s evidence-based argumentation around climate change, addressing issues of social justice and equity in science education, creating and facilitating climate change professional development for teachers, exploring the role of politics and social values in climate science learning. As an ocean scientist turned learning scientist, I also work extensively with natural scientists to support their participation in educational activities through partnerships with educational communities and professional development.



PhD Learning Sciences, University of Washington, 2012

Graduate Certificate in Climate Science, University of Washington, 2012

M.S. Oceanography, University of Washington, 2006

B.S. Chemistry, Harvey Mudd College, 2004


Walsh, E.M. and Tsurusaki, B. (in prep). “Thank You for Being Republican”: Case Studies of High School Students Negotiating Political Ideologies and the Scientific Evidence for Climate Change

Walsh, E.M. (in prep). Epistemological, Conceptual and Decision-Making Dimensions of Climate Change Education in 21st Century America

Walsh, E.M. (in prep). Climate Scientist’s Participation in Educational Activities: Leveraging Scientific and Pedagogical Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing

Walsh, E.M. (2012). Supporting the Teaching and Learning Climate Science within a Context of Controversy. Paper presented in strand-sponsored session on Policy and Climate Change Education at the National Association for Research on Science Teaching Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Walsh, E.M. & Bell, P. (2011) Crafting Climate Science Messages: How Climate Scientists Engaged in Outreach Negotiate Values and Goals. Poster presented at the National Association for Research on Science Teaching Conference in Orlando, FL.

Bertram, M.; Stetter, T.; Walsh, E. & Maloney, A. (2011) Creation of a dual-credit climate science course. Presention at the Washington Science Teacher Association / Environmental Education Association of Washington Meeting in Poulsbo, WA.

Walsh, E.M.; Ingalls, A.E. and Keil, R.G. (2008) Sources and transport of terrestrial organic matter in Vancouver Island fjords and the Vancouver-Washington margin: A multiproxy approach using d13Corg, lignin phenols, and the ether lipid BIT index. Limnology and Oceanography, 53(3), 1025-1039. 

Walsh E.M., A.E. Ingalls, R.G. Keil, G. M dos Santos and E.R. M. Druffel (2006). Microbial membrane lipids as proxies for terrestrial organic carbon in marine sediments. Poster presented at Organic Geochemistry Gordon Conference.

Walsh, E.M., A.E. Ingalls and R. G. Keil (2006). Testing the BIT Index: Terrestrial input to Vancouver Island fjords and margin as evidenced by bacterial and archaeal membrane lipids. Presentation at the Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, HI.