Dr. Ellen Metzger

Dr. Ellen Metzger

I have served since 1990 as Co-Director of the Bay Area Earth Science Institute (www.baesi.org) a professional development program for teachers of grades 4-12. BAESI offers summer and academic year workshops for teachers, who may earn university credit for participation. I am also interested in strategies to attract more under-represented students to earth science and in developing activities for teaching earth system science. My areas of interest are mineralogy, igneous and metamorphic petrology, and geochemistry.

Contact Information

Dr. Ellen Metzger
Professor, Department of Geology & Science Education
Email: metzger@geosun.sjsu.edu
Phone: 408-924-5048
Office: 319 Duncan Hall

Science Ed Courses Taught

Science Education 173: Methods in Science Teaching (Spring 2008)


Ph.D., Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. Geology, 1984.
M.S., Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, Geology, 1980.
B.S., University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, Earth Science, 1977.          

Selected Publications

Sedlock, R., and Metzger, E., in press, A multi-level, multi-component program at San José State University to enhance diversity in the geosciences: Journal of Geoscience Education.

Metzger, E. P.; Ernst, W.G., and Sorg, D., 2006, Aluminous xenoliths in Miocene andesite, Central California Coast Ranges: Magma-Crust interaction in a subduction-transform transitional setting, in J.G. Liou and M. Cloos, eds., Phase relations, high-pressure terranes, P-T-ometry, and plate pushing: A tribute to W. G. Ernst. Bellwether Publishing, Ltd. for Geological Society of America, International Book Series, 9, 633-650..

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Metzger, E.P., 2003, An Explorer's Guide to the Earth System: Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J., 112 p.

Metzger, E.P., Miller, R.B. and Harper, G.D., 2002, Geochemistry and tectonic setting of the ophiolitic Ingalls Complex, North Cascades, Washington: implications for correlations of Jurassic Cordilleran ophiolites: Journal of Geology, v. 110, p. 543-560.

Sedlock, R. L. and Metzger, E.P., 2000, How scientists can reach teachers, Geotimes, v. 45, no. 9, p. 22-23.