Next Generation Science Standards

Next Generation Science Standards Are Coming. Are You Ready?  

The goal of the session is to have Dr. Paula Messina, professor of Geology and a former high school teacher who was part of the NGSS design team, present an overview of the standards, including how they were developed and goals for their implementation. We want to learn what kinds of professional development teachers would like to receive to ease your transition with the adoption.

The Science Education Faculty is excited for the opportunity to learn from our teachers and district leaders, and we hope to make use of your feedback to offer professional development that is relevant, meaningful and worthwhile.  We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and prepare for the Next Generation Science Standards.

Dr. Resa Kelly
Professor of Chemistry and Co-Director of Science Education Program
Dr. Paula Messina
Professor of Geology, Former High School Teacher, and Member of the Writing Team For NGSS
Dr. Ellen Metzger
Professor of Geology and Co-Director of BAESI
Dr. Elizabeth Walsh
Professor of Meteorology, Learning Scientist with NGSS, and apart of the Common Core Curriculum Development Experience.