Computer Science Collaboration Tea


The Department of Computer Science hosted its first Collaboration Tea on November 7th, 2019. Faculty from around the university were invited to attend if they were interested in initating collaborations with faculty members in Computer Science.  More than 10 CS faculty members and more 20 colleagues from other disciplines attended the event. CS faculty members including Professors Andreopoulos, Austin, Heller, Lee, M. Moh, T. Moh, Reed, Pearce, Potika, and Stamp presented short summaries of their research.  Attending guests came from the College of Science (Biology, Geography, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, Science Education), the College of Engineering (Computer, Electrical, Aviation and Technology), and the College of Health and Human Sciences (Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management). Faculty interested in initiating collaborations with professors in the Department of Computer Science are invited to contact the CS Department Interim Chair Melody Moh or other faculty in the CS Department directly.  Contact information can be found at: