University Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Program

Note: The University Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Program has been completed for AY 2019-2020. Cycle 3 information will be posted some time in February 2020. While this posted Cycle 2 information is outdated, it is expected that many of these procedures and policies will remain in place for Cycle 3 and will remain online for informational purposes.

On September 4th 2018, Provost Joan Ficke announced the launch of a university program to provide assigned time for RSCA productive tenured and tenure-track faculty. The program will be administered by the colleges. This page is intended to provide information about how this program will be implemented in the College of Science.

Application deadline - Cycle 2

Thursday March 28, 2019 – for award beginning in the 2019-20 academic year.

Application Procedure

Those wishing to apply should submit the following documents electronically, by the deadline:

1) Cover Sheet – including name, rank, department, college, and date of initial appointment

2)  Current Curriculum Vitae (CV)

3)  Scholarly Agenda – describing the RSCA goals, activities, and expected outcomes/products for the coming 5-year period. The scholarly agenda should be concise (no more than two pages) and must include a brief summary aimed at an educated lay audience describing the importance of the proposed line of inquiry. Note that this agenda is forward-looking and complements our current CoS metric, which only looks at past activity.

The three documents listed above should be sent by e-mail to Interim Associate Dean Jeffrey Honda, with a copy to Dean Michael Kaufman, and a copy to your department chair.

4) In addition, each applicant, as well as all faculty receiving the award in S19, must submit RSCA productivity data used for the CoS RSCA metric using the Google form here.

Who Should Apply this Round?

In this second round of a four academic-year phase-in period, all probationary faculty after their first two years (or after their contractually awarded RSCA assinged time ends) who did not receive the award in cycle 1, and ~20% of tenured faculty will receive the University Faculty RSCA Assigned Time award. Tenured faculty first recieving the award in cycle two will have a maximum teaching load of 21 WTU (3 WTU of assigned time) in 2019-20, and a maximum of 18 WTU (6 WTU of assigned time) in subesquent years, for a period of five years, pending satisfactory progress on their RSCA agenda. In future cycles, an increasingly larger fraction of tenured faculty will receive the award until all demonstrably RSCA-productive faculty are covered by the program.

For the March 28, 2019 deadline, all probationary faculty in years 3-6 (except faculty in year 3 who received three years of assigned time in their appointment letter) who did not receive the award in cycle 1 should apply. Probationary faculty in their first two years are receiving release time through another mechanism and are not eligible for this program. In addition, tenured faculty who have not received the award in cycle 1 may apply for the program.

Selection Process

The Dean will make Faculty RSCA Assigned Time Awards based on college-specific criteria. In the CoS, Dean Kaufman will make the awards based on an evaluation of the CoS RSCA Metric, which measures past productivity, and the Scholarly Agenda, which is a forward-looking document. However, the weighting of these two factors will be different depending on the applicant’s tenure status. For probationary faculty, the recommendation will be based 80% on the Scholarly Agenda and 20% on the RSCA metric score, whereas for tenured faculty the weight will be reversed, with 80% based on the 5-year average RSCA metric score and 20% on the Scholarly Agenda. The Dean's decision and final notice of award will be announced not later than May 13, 2019.

Duration of Award, Reviews, and Reporting Requirements

Each award will be for a 5-year period or until the tenure decision, whichever is less. There will be an annual mini-review of awards and a formal review after year 3 of the award. Faculty receiving awards must submit information about their scholarly productivity by completing the Faculty Research Activity Report (used for the RSCA metric) each year in May (due on the last duty day of the semester). Faculty who do not submit their data are not eligible for continued award.

In most cases the outcome of the formal review will be that there is no change in the award. If, however, in the Dean’s opinion, there has not been adequate progress on the RSCA agenda nor adequate productivity according to the college-specific RSCA metric, then the Dean may recommend to the Provost that the remaining years of the Faculty RSCA Assigned Time award be rescinded.

Additional Information

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