Tapas Talks 2017

  • Prof. Moh discussing her work on cloud computing.
  • Prof. Khatami describing how "weird" phenomena can be studied.
  • Enjoying some tapas and conversation.
  • Professor Gross giving an overview of her work in algebraic statistics.
  • Professor Garcia explaining the dynamics of fluid mixing.
  • A break for tapas during the Tapas Talks
  • Professor French discussing her research on fetal alcohol syndrome.
  • Professor Eggers discusses water's role in biochemistry with the help of Sponge Bob Square Pants.
  • Great science happens at break time.

On Tuesday April 13, the College of Science held its first “Tapas Talks”. Between 50 and 100 students, faculty, and other guests gathered to hear a series of 5-minute “bite-sized” research presentations by 25 College of Science faculty. The topics ranged across the disciplines in the College and included fascinating discussions of internet security, assessing seismic risk, fetal alcohol syndrome, planet formation, and many more topics. The afternoon was deemed a great success and the College will likely make this an annual event.