Are there any policies for placing or using computer on the network?

How do I open web folders with IE8?

Why was the outside party's “legitimate” email marked as [[JUNK]]?

  • When well known non-spammers send mails that get tagged as junk, one of two situations below seem to be happening:
    1. The email had a number of phrases and qualities that looked like spam (for instance “get rich quick” or certain “performance enhancing” drug names). Certain uses of graphics or html code can also look like spam.
    2. The sender used some email program that violated an internet email standard or formatted the message incorrectly. Spammers purposely malform the messages to make them untraceable. It seems that some legitimate senders have email systems misconfigured or the system is faulty. Some emails from NAFSA recently were improperly coded and they were tagged with [[JUNK]] in the subject line.

Do you have any instruction on how to use the CoS web server to post my web site?