John Hawk

Born and raised in San José, I received my BS in Geology from UC Davis and received my MS in Geology from SJSU in 2001. I have worked at SJSU since 1982 and I have been the Chemical Safety Coordinator with the College of Science since June 2007 and was the Assistant Safety Coordinator from December 1996 through May 2007. I'm Hazardous Materials Technician trained, which also includes a 160-hour HAZWOPER training with the San José Fire Department, Station 29 and an 80-hour HAZWOPER course with Laborer's AGC. I'm fully certified to teach Hazardous Materials Technician (HMT), First Responder Operator (FRO) and First Responder Awareness (FRA) level classes and since 2002 have been doing so with the help of Paul Wood (retired March 2007) and currently with the help of Randy Kirchner. My duties for the College of Science include (but are not limited to) managing training classes, the respiratory protection program and overseeing the Safety Department. I'm a member of the Building Emergency Team and my HMT training allows me to address and clean up hazardous materials spills.

Randy Kirchner

Originally from New York, I came to California in 1964. Before moving to the bay area in 1994 I was employed by Shasta Community College, located in Redding California, as a lab technician for both the Chemistry and Biology departments. My duties included chemical and media preparation as well as lab set-ups. I began working at SJSU in 1995 in the Chemistry Service Center and also was employed at Balaz Analytical Labs in Sunnyvale. In November 1997 I left Balaz and began to work for the College of Science, specifically serving the Biology Department. My duties at that time included chemical reagent preparation and lab set-ups. I have received training as a Hazardous Materials Technician,(HMT) and in the fall 2001, I ceased doing lab set-ups and began a hazardous waste inspection and pick-up program for the College of Science. In the fall 2002, I began teaching chemical safety for the biosafety course,Biol 6.

In fall 2003, I began doing chemical preparations for the biochemistry program in the chemistry department. In addition to chemical preparations and waste management I also maintain the alcohol inventory reporting for the College of Science.