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Calendars and Timelines
Academic Calendars  -Start/End dates, Add/Drop deadlines, holidays, grading deadlines, exams, etc.
Faculty Affairs Calendar  -Deadlines for RTP process, difference-in-pay, sabbatical, etc.
Department Calendar  -Secondary Education meetings, SSCP meetings, and other department events.

Supervisors' Handbook & Forms
Student Teaching Handbook (pdf)
Growth & Learning Goals for Student Teachers
Improvement Plan for Student Teachers
Grades & Grading
Please refer to the department's policy page for information on GPA, minimum grade requirements and incompletes.  For a complete list of university-wide policies please follow this link to the senate page on Grades, Drop Policies, Registration, Fees and Schedule
SJSU College of Education PACT Office
PACT Central Office
Faculty Affairs
Information and policies for faculty (unit 3 employees)
Research Offices
Graduate Studies & Research
Human Subjects Review Board
Research Foundations
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Technical support
CSM Help (University technical assistance)

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Parking permits
Parking permits (including E permits and Special O permit form [pdf])
Please visit the "Driving on University Business" page of the SJSU Finance department website for information on obtaining the Defensive Driving Permit.

Request for Travel Approval (for conferences and other work related travel in CA, USA or International)
Request for Travel Reimbursement (for supervision)
Please visit the "Driving on University Business" page of the SJSU Finance department website for information on obtaining the Defensive Driving Permit.



LCOE Dean's Office Offline Room Request Instructions

  1. If you would like to request a Dean’s Office offline room, please click on the Teacher Education Department Room Request Form and fill out the information requested.
    Please fill out a separate form for each room request.
  2. The request will then be reviewed by the TED Admin and the Dean's Office will be notified of the request.  After the Dean's Office reviews the request, they will send an e-mail to the TED Admin confirming or denying the request and the Admin will give you the status.

Room requests must be submitted 3 days (at least 72 hours) prior to using the room.

The offline room descriptions can be found in the "Room Scheduling Guide."

TED Offline Room & University Room Request Instructions

If you would like to request a room for an event or for a class, please email lavette.hay@sjsu.edu with the following information:

  1. Course number (eg: EDEL 143B --please include the 4 letters)
  2. Section number
  3. Number of students in class/meetings
  4. Equipment preference (eg: projector) 
  5. Room type preference (eg: node chairs, chairs & tables, etc.)
  6. Start & End Time of class
  7. Day of the week (eg: Fridays)
  8. List of dates of class meetings (see NOTE* below)
  9. Your phone number (in case the University Scheduling Office needs to reach you)
  10. Your preferred email address
*NOTE:  Anytime on Fridays are best/easiest to get rooms; 7:00pm or later is second best (if you need the room Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays --there's nothing currently available at 7pm on Thursdays); all other times will be difficult to impossible to find rooms (it's a crapshoot, as Marie puts it --LOL!).