The table below outlines the major course requirements for completing the Single Subject Credential Program.  Click on the course titles the see course descriptions.


Course Title



EDSC 162 Language and Literacy Development 3  
EDSC 172A Social & Multicultural Foundations 3  
EDSC 173 Psychological Foundations 3  
EDSC 182 Evaluation 3 Co-Req: --ED 184Y,Z
EDSC 246 Learning Environments 3 Co-Req: EDSC 184X
* Subject Area Methods 3  
EDEL 294 Research & Practices in Health & Special Ed 3  
EDSC 184X Phase I Student Teaching  6 Pre-Req or Co-Req: Methods; Co-Req: EDSC 246
--ED 184Y/Z Phase II Student Teaching  8 Pre-Req: EDSC 184X; Co-Req: Phase II Seminar, EDSC 182
** Phase II Student Teaching Seminar 0-2  Co-Req: --ED184Y,Z

 * See Course Descriptions below for each subject area's course number.  ** Requirements and units for Phase II Student Teaching Seminar vary by Subject Area.  Please contact your subject area coordinator for details.

Course Descriptions

EDSC 162 : Language / Literacy Development of L2 Learners

Principles of language structure, variation, and usage. First and second language acquisition theories and application of teaching in diverse secondary classrooms. Social and psychological influences on linguistic behavior of students. Cultural and political issues affecting language attitudes. Units: 3  Back to top

EDSC 172A : Social, Philosophical Multicultural Foundations of Secondary Education

Social, cultural, historical and philosophical concepts in secondary teacher education: Application to problems of curriculum and instruction in multilingual, multicultural classroom. Prerequisites: Program director consent. Units: 4  

EDSC 172a Sample Green Sheet

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EDSC 173: Psychological Foundations of Secondary Teacher Education

Application of developmental cognitive and sociocultural theories of adolescent psychology and culture as a rationale for teaching and learning. Prerequisites: Program director consent. Units:3 EDSC 173 Sample Greensheet

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EDSC 182: Evaluation

Principles and practice of measurement and evaluation. Instructional objectives as criteria; construction, selection and use of evaluation instruments. Interpretation of data. Prerequisites: Program director consent. Units: 3  Must be taken with 184Y,Z or equivalent field experience in a classroom setting.

Greensheet (Carrie Holmberg) 
Greensheet (Brent Duckor)
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EDSC 246 : The Classroom Learning Environment: Methods and Management

In this course, credential candidates examine the many factors that contribute to a caring, inclusive, and equitable classroom community. Through the process of critical reflection on their field experiences, they are encouraged to develop a broad view of "classroom management," and define an individual approach to building a positive learning environment for all students. Units: 3  Must be taken with 184x or equivalent field experience in a classroom setting 

EDSC 246 Sample Greensheet

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EDSC 184X: Phase I Student Teaching

Supervised teaching with small groups of public junior, middle or senior high school students. In class experience ranging from observation to classroom teaching. Emphasis on application of theories examined in foundation courses. Prerequisites: Program director consent. Repeatable: May be repeated once. Co-Requisite: EDSC 184x.  Grading: C / NC.  

Greensheet (Kara E. Ireland D'Ambrosio)

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___184Y, Z: Phase II Student Teaching

Minimum 80-120 class periods of classroom teaching in grades K-12. Related school activities.. Prerequisite: Joint approval of major adviser, program director and field placement coordinator. Repeatable: Repeatable for credit. Grading: C / NC. Units: 8  Co-Requisites: EDSC 18; seminar for Phase II student teaching seminar (if offered by subject area department) Back to top

Seminar for Phase II Student Teaching 

Phase II student teachers meet weekly with an instructor to debrief classroom experiences and prepare for the PACT Teaching Event.  Unit load varies by subject area.  Students in subject areas that require a 1 or 2 unit load must sign up for the seminar separately.  These subject areas include:  Art (ARED), English (ARED), Foreign Language, Math (ARED), Science. Music, Physical Education and Social Science run informal seminars with no unit load.  See Phase II Student Teaching instructors for the scheduling information for these informal seminars. Units: 0-2  Back to top

EDEL 294: Research & Practices in Health & Special Ed

Current problems of individual, family and community health. Theories, organization, methods and materials for teaching health education. Prerequisites: Upper division standing. Exploration of laws, service delivery systems, instructional methods and assessment processes to support inclusion of students with disabilities in regular education environments. Prerequisites: Upper division standing or instructor consent. Units: 3  Back to top

Subject Specific Method Courses

Art - ARED 338

Analysis of the function of art in secondary schools; survey of literature on art education; organization and presentation of demonstration lessons.  Units: 3  Back to top

English - ENED 353 

Theory and practice of teaching literature and language arts to a diverse student population. Strategies for planning and implementing curricula appropriate to junior and senior high school. Units: 3  Back to top

Foreign Language - FLED 380

The Methods of Foreign Language course provides foreign language credential candidates with a background in second language acquisition theory, knowledge of current methodologies, and strategies for lesson planning and instruction in the target language. Units: 3  Back to top

Mathematics - MTED 394

The place and function of mathematics in secondary education, improvement and evaluation of instruction. Teaching the subject matter of secondary mathematics. Prerequisites: Math 201A or Math 201B and, either passing score on CSET exams or be within 3 courses of completing subject matter preparation program, or instructor consent. Units: 3  Back to top

Music - MUED 370A & 370B

370 A - Study of Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze elementary methods including a multicultural emphasis. A review of materials for the comprehensive elementary music curriculum, choral and instrumental classes required.  Back to top

370B - Prepares secondary music instructors to teach non-performing courses, including music appreciation, theory, technology, history and multicultural survey. Peer teaching and field observations required. Organization of comprehensive secondary music departments included. Prerequisites: 370A- Upper division standing or instructor consent; 370B- MuEd 370A. Notes: Repeatable for credit. Units: 370A-2: 370B- 2  Back to top

Physical Education - KNED 339

Application of theories of learning and principles of teaching to the selection of instructional procedures to be used in physical education. Prerequisites: KIN 170B, KIN 172 and KIN 179 and department teacher education approval. Misc/Lab Lecture / activity 4 hours. Units: 3  Back to top

Science - SCED 173

Theory and practice, instructional techniques, and materials for science in the secondary schools. Pre-Corequisite: EdSc 172A, EdSc 173, EdSc 184X and secondary science education adviser approval. Notes: Repeatable for credit. Units: 3


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Social Science - SSED 278

For prospective secondary teachers who plan to teach in the social science field. A prerequisite to student teaching. Units: 3  Back to top