Internship Program

 SJSU Single Subject Internship Credential Program


The intern program is designed for qualified individuals who have prior teaching experience and who seek an alternative route to earning their preliminary credential. The Intern program provides candidates who have been offered a teaching position an opportunity to complete the credential program as a contracted (paid) teacher under an Internship Credential.  Intern candidates receive support from a university field supervisor and an on-site coach from the school while completing their credential coursework.



The intern program is designed for individuals in one of the following contexts:


Incoming teacher candidates who are teaching on contract for a school district or have been offered a position by a district. Candidates must take summer courses to satisfy intern pre-service requirements prior to entering the intern program. This is a two year program of study.


Candidates who are scheduled to complete their final phase of student teaching and have been offered a teaching position by a school district. Candidates who transition into the intern program during this phase complete their remaining program requirements over two semesters.


The intern program partners with over 30 school districts in Santa Clara County.  Intern positions must be in a public or charter school. The CTC does not allow internships in private schools.


Program Requirements

  • Candidates must possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution and meet all criteria for admission to a basic credential program.
  • Candidates must have a contract or an offer with a partnering school district for a paid teaching position (letters of intent to hire by districts will be considered).
  • Candidates must take and pass the following course pre-requisites prior to being accepted into the intern program:  EDSC 173, EDSC 162, EDTE 294 (or EDTE 192A)
  • Candidates must be in good standing in the credential program in order to be accepted into the intern program.
  •  Candidates who have been offered a teaching position must be recommended for the Intern Program by the Intern Coordinator prior to accepting an intern position.[1] 


Program Disclosures:

  • The intern program does not secure a teaching position for students. Students must obtain their own contract with a partnership district.
  • In addition to fulfilling intern program responsibilities outlined in the Intern Agreement Form, interns are required to fulfill all SSCP program requirements and remain in good standing in the program.
  • Interns who exhibit dispositions contrary to the program’s goals and mission, and/or do not demonstrate competence in teaching according the CA Teacher Performance Expectations may be required to exit the intern program.
  • Interns are required to fulfill intern-specific program and CTC requirements (including documenting support/supervision hours received from the university and school district and meetings with the on-site support provider (coach).


Applying to the Internship Program 

For more information or to apply for the internship program, please contact the Teacher Education Office, Sweeney Hall, 305 (408) 924-3771.


Program Partners

Alum Rock Union Elementary SD

East Side Union High School District

Fremont Union High School District

Lost Gatos Union School District

Mountain View-Los Altos School District

Palo Alto Unified School District

Santa Clara County

Santa Clara Unified School District

San Jose Unified School District

Cupertino Union School District

Berryessa Union School District

Campbell Union High School District

Campbell Union School District

Evergreen Elementary School District

Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District

Milpitas Unified School District

Mount Pleasant Elementary School District

Mountain View Whisman School District

Sunnyvale School District

Downtown College Preparatory Academy 

ACE Charter Schools

The Foundation for Hispanic Education (formerly NHU)


1 Teaching positions must meet specific intern and subject-matter requirements (and university supervisor availability in the subject-area must be established before an intern position is approved).