Academic Writing Seminar (AWS)

Academic Writing Seminar (AWS)



The goal of the Academic Writing Seminar for Education Professionals (AWS) is to assist students with their writing for other courses and enable them to improve their academic and professional writing skills. 



The AWS is open to all matriculated post-baccalaureate (i.e., credential, certificate, and graduate) students in the College of Education.  Spaces are limited, so students are advised to sign up as soon as possible prior to the semester in which they plan to enroll (see “How to Sign Up” below). 


Course Description

This weekly seminar will take an inquiry-based approach.  Class sessions will be structured around student questions and issues that emerge in student writing.  Students in this course will:

  • receive individual assistance with their writing for other College of Education classes.
  • gain strategies for effectively planning and editing their writing.
  • further their knowledge of academic writing style, vocabulary, organization, grammar, mechanics, and citation format.
  • develop general and discipline-specific knowledge of written genres.
  • learn to read academic texts rhetorically in order inform their writing. 


Course Activities

Class activities include interactive lessons on advanced academic writing topics, student presentations of their writing for peer review, and “just-in-time lessons” on student questions and issues that emerge in their writing. Class time is also allotted for student-teacher conferences. During conferences, students receive individual assistance on their writing for academic and professional activities of their choosing.



This is a 3 unit course.


How to Sign up

To sign up for the Academic Writing Seminar, please e-mail the following to

  1. Full Name
  2. Student ID
  3. E-mail Address
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Program and/or Degree pursuing
  6. Department name in which you are pursuing your degree/credential

Once confirmed that you're an enrolled student in the College of Education, Lavette will email you the enrollment 5-digit search code.