Senate Committee Vacancies

* These are policy committees any vacant faculty positions must be filled by Academic Senators. All other committees may be filled by interested faculty from the college that the vacancy occurs in. Remaining vacancies can be filled by any interested faculty regardless of college on August 27, 2018, when all remaining vacant seats go at-large.

** Appointments to these committees require the President's approval. Faculty wishing to be appointed to these positions must submit a statement of interest to the Chair of the Committee on Committees Shannon Rose Riley.

This list last updated on November 8, 2018


Instruction and Student Affairs Committee

1 Graduate Student


Faculty Diversity Committee

1 AVP Faculty Affairs or designee (Vacancy)

 1 Faculty (Education)


Graduate Studies and Research Committee

1 Faculty Vacancy (Engineering)

2 Graduate Student Vacancies


Institutional Review Board

1 Community-at-Large


International Programs and Students Committee

2 Student Vacancies



Program Planning Committee

1 Graduate Student Vacancy

1 Undergraduate Student Vacancy



Student Fairness Committee

1 University Administrator vacancy

1 Staff Vacancy


Undergraduate Studies Committee

1 Student Vacancy (non-management)


Accreditation Review Committee

1 member of President's cabinet vacancy


Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee

1 - Residential Advisor designated by RHA

1 - Staff-at-Large from Academic Affairs Division

1 - Student Rep (Peer Health Education Program)

1 - Greek Life Student Representative


Budget Advisory Committee

1 Faculty at large


Campus Planning Board

1 Community member vacancy


Strategic Planning Steering Committee

1 - Graduate Student Vacancy

1 - Staff Vacancy


Student Success Committee

1 Undergraduate Student Vacancy


Sustainability Board

1 Student appointed by VPSA


University Library Board

1 UG Student Vacancy


Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility

1 Faculty Vacancy CHAHS (Term ends 2021)

1 Faculty Vacancy SCI (Term ends 2021)

1 Faculty Vacancy BUS (Term ends 2021)

1 Faculty Vacancy EDUC (Term ends 2021)

1 Faculty Vacancy ENGR (Term ends 2022)

1 Faculty Vacancy H&A (Term ends 2020)

Must be elected by the college for 4-year terms.

Must be FT Tenured Faculty


Board of General Studies

1 Faculty Vacancy (EDUC)

1 Student Vacancy


Writing Requirements Committee

1 Writing Skills Coordinator Vacancy

1 AVP Student Academic Success Services or designee Vacancy

1 Student Vacancy (UG or Graduate)(has satisfied WC II requirement)

1 Student Vacancy (experience with ESL Learning preferred)


Transit, Traffic, and Parking Committee

1 Rep. Housing Vacancy

3 Student Vacancies