Senate Committee Vacancies

* These are policy committees any vacant faculty positions must be filled by Academic Senators. All other committees may be filled by interested faculty from the college that the vacancy occurs in. After the 4th week of the Fall Semester, remaining vacancies can be filled by any interested faculty regardless of college.

** Appointments to these committees require the President's approval. Faculty wishing to be appointed to these positions must submit a statement of interest to the Chair of the Committee on Committees (Pat Backer)

This list last updated on August 11, 2014

Committee on Committees

1 Student Vacancy

Instruction and Student Affairs Committee

1 Graduate Student Vacancy

1 Faculty Vacancy - Education

Organization and Government Committee

1 Faculty Vacancy - Engineering

Professional Standards Committee

1 Faculty Vacancy - Education

Graduate Studies and Research Committee

2 Graduate Student Vacancies

International Programs and Students Committee

2 Student Vacancies

1 Representative from IES Office

1 ACIP Representative

1 Faculty Representative (H&A)

Institutional Review Board

1 Student Vacancy

Program Planning Committee

1 Faculty Vacancy (Education)

1 Faculty Vacancy (Science)

1 Faculty Vacancy (Engineering)

1 Graduate Student Vacancy

1 Undergraduate Student Vacancy

Student Evaluation Review Board

Director, Ctr. for Fac. Dev. or designee

1 Student Vacancy

Student Fairness Committee

4 Student Vacancies

Student Success Committee

2 Student Vacancies

1 Graduate Student Vacancy

1 Faculty Vacancy (Education)

Undergraduate Studies Committee

1 Student Vacancy

University Teacher Education Committee

Student (Selected by the Dean of the College of Education)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee

Greek Life Coordinator

Student Rep from PEP

Student Rep from Inter Res Hall Assoc

Student Rep (Nominated Greek Life Coordinator)

Athletics Board

1 Faculty-at-Large Vacancy (Statements must be submitted to the Executive Committee care of Pat Backer--a call for nominations will be put in at the beginning of August)

Campus Planning Board

1 Faculty Vacancy (Education)

1 Faculty Vacancy (Biology)

1 Community member vacancy

Heritage, Preservation, and Public History Committee

1 UG Student Vacancy
1 Grad Student Vacancy
1 Chair, Sourisseau Fdn/Des.  

1 Faculty Vacancy (Social Science)

Strategic Planning Assessment Agency

Director, Institutional Planning

VP Academic Planning and Budgets                                                                        

Chair elected by UCCD

Dean elected by UCCD

3 Faculty at Large vacancies

1 Student vacancy

Strategic Planning Board

2 Chairs elected by UCCD

2 Deans elected by UCCD

2 UG Students

1 Graduate Student

1 Staff member appt. Pres

1 Community member appt. Pres.


MPP Student Affairs

1 Rep Alumni Association

Dir, Institutional Planning

5 Faculty at Large members

Sustainability Board

1 Sustainability Director

1 Student Vacancy

1 Faculty member (COSS)

University Library Board

1 Faculty Vacancy (Engineering)

1 Graduate Student Vacancy

1 Undergraduate Student Vacancy

Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility

1 Faculty Vacancy CASA (Term ends 2018)  

1 Faculty Vacancy BUS (Term ends 2018)

1 Faculty Vacancy H&A (Term ends 2016)

1 Faculty Vacancy SCI (Term ends 2017)

1 Faculty Vacancy GU (Term ends 2015)

Must be elected by the college for 4 year terms.

Must be FT Tenured Faculty.

Board of General Studies

1 Faculty Vacancies (H&A) (Three year terms elected by the colleges)

2 Student Vacancies

Transit, Traffic, and Parking Committee

1 Campus Neighborhood Assoc. Rep

1 Non-bargaining unit Staff member selected by HR

3 Student Vacancies