Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting

March 13, 2017

2-5 p.m., Engr. 285/287

Chair - Dr. Michael Kimbarow


Senate Agenda

• Senate Agenda for March 13, 2017


Consent Calendar

•  Consent Calendar for March 13, 2017


Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes of February 13, 2017


Executive Committee Minutes

EC Minutes of February 6, 2017

EC Minutes of February 20, 2017



AS 1621, Policy Recommendation, Departmental Voting Rights (Final Reading)

AS 1629, Policy Recommendation, Concurrent Membership on Operating and Policy Committees (Final Reading)

AS 1635, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to S16-8, Selection and Review of Administrators (First Reading)

AS 1637, Policy Recommendation, Required Enrollment for culminating Graduate Students (Final Reading)

AS 1641, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to University Policy S16-14:  Clarification of "Internship" (Final Reading)

 AS 1642, Policy Recommendation, Change in Membership and Charge of the Student Success Committee (Final Reading)

 AS 1643, Policy Recommendation, Amendment C to S15-6, Appointment of Regular Faculty Employees; Consideration for Early Tenure for Previously Tenured Faculty (Final Reading)

 AS 1646, Policy Recommendation, Selection and Review of Department Chairs and Directors (First Reading)

 AS 1647, Policy Recommendation, Rescinding and Replacing F97-7 on Privacy of Electronic Information (First Reading)

 AS 1648, Policy Recommendation, Graduate Student Revalidation of Courses that Exceed the 7-Year Limit (First Reading)