Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting

April 9, 2018

2-5 p.m., Engr. 285/287

Chair - Dr. Stefan Frazier


Senate Agenda

• Senate Agenda for April 9, 2018


Consent Calendar

Consent Calendar of April 9, 2018


Senate Calendar

• Senate Election Calendar for 2019


Senate Minutes

• Senate Minutes of March 12, 2018


Executive Committee Minutes

Executive Committee Minutes of March 5, 2018

Executive Committee Minutes of March 19, 2018



AS 1678, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to S17-6 (Departmental Voting Rights (Final Reading)

• AS 1682, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to S99-8, Declaring our Support for Academic Freedom, Establishing the Academic Freedom Committee (Final Reading)

• AS 1683, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to F81-7, "Appointment Procedures for Grant-Related Instructional Faculty of Exceptional Merit" (GRIF) (Final Reading)

• AS 1686, Policy Recommendation, Rescinds S66-11, College Reports to Selective Service Boards (Final Reading)

• AS 1688, Policy Recommendation, Rescind F83-10, Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) Examination; Sanctions; Probation (First Reading)

• AS 1689, Policy Recommendation, Rescind S80-9, Resource Analysis Required for Curricular Proposals (First Reading)

• AS 1690, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to S13-6 (Campus Awards), To Provide for System Award Nominations (First Reading)

• AS 1691, Policy Recommendation, Rescind S09-5, Priority Registration (First Reading)

• AS 1692, Sense of the Senate Resolution, To Support Open Access Publishing and Promote the Retention of Author Rights Among SJSU Faculty (First Reading)

• AS 1693, Policy Recommendation, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee (First Reading)

• AS 1694, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to University Policy S14-10, Master's Committee Structure and Processes and Thesis Embargoes (First Reading)

• AS 1695, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to F88-9, BA/BS Differentation and Definition (First Reading)

• AS 1696, Policy Recommendation, Amendment A to S17-13, Undergraduate Student Honors at SJSU (First Reading)