Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting

November 21, 2016

2-5 p.m., Engr. 285/287

Chair - Dr. Michael Kimbarow


Senate Agenda

• Senate Agenda for November 21, 2016


Consent Calendar

•  Consent Calendar for November 21, 2016

•  Election Calendar for 2017


Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes of October 24, 2016


Executive Committee Minutes

EC Minutes of October 17, 2016

EC Minutes of October 31, 2016



AS 1621, Policy Recommendation, Departmental Voting Rights (First Reading)

 AS 1628, Policy Recommendation, Modification of Bylaw 15 Pertaining to Editorial Changes of Senate Documents (Final Reading)

 AS 1629, Policy Recommendation, Concurrent Membership on Operating and Policy Committees (Final Reading)

AS 1632, Amendment B to University Policy S15-6, Appointment of Regular Faculty Employees; Composition of Recruitment Committees (Final Reading)

AS 1634, Constitutional Amendment, Modification of Senate Constitution Related to Membership (Final Reading)

AS 1635, Amendment A to University Policy S16-8, Selection and Review of Administrators (Final Reading)

 AS 1636, Sense of the Senate Resolution, Reaffirming San Jose State University's Commitment to an Inclusive Campus Climate and our Determination to Provide a Safe, Supportive, and Welcoming Community (Final Reading)

 AS 1637, Policy Recommendation, Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students (First Reading)

 AS 1638, Policy Recommendation, Modification of Bylaw 2.2:  Pertaining to the Term Length for Senate Chair (First Reading)

 AS 1639, Policy Recommendation, Modification of Bylaw 4.1: Senate Executive Committee Membership (First Reading)

 AS 1640, Policy Recommendation, Final Examinations, Evaluations, or Culminating Activities Policy (First Reading)