Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting

November 3, 2014

2-5 p.m., Engr. 285/287

Chair - Dr. Lynda Heiden


Senate Agenda

• Senate Agenda for November 3, 2014



•  Executive Committee Minutes of October 6, 2014


•  Senate Minutes of October 13, 2014


Consent Calendar

 •  Consent Calendar of November 3, 2014


Election Calendar

 •  Senate Election Calendar for 2015


Policy Resolutions

•  AS 1549, Policy Recommendation, Emeritus Faculty, Rescinds F92-6 and F96-7 (First Reading)

•  AS 1550, Policy Recommendation, Sound Level at Campus Events (First Reading)



•  University and Athletics Budget Presentations by AVP Josee Larochelle and Athletics Director Gene Bleymaier, Time Certain:  3:00 p.m.

•  Red Folder presentation by VP Renee Terry, Student Affairs Division, Time Certain:  3:45 p.m.


Updates from the Senate Office

•  Click here for an update from the Senate Office on all recent and pending activities