Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting

April 27, 2015

2-5 p.m., Engr. 285/287

Chair - Dr. Lynda Heiden


Senate Agenda

• Senate Agenda for April 27, 2015


Consent Calendar

•  Consent Calendar for April 27, 2015  - None



•  Executive Committee Minutes of March 16, 2015

•  Executive Committee Minutes of April 13, 2015


•  Senate Minutes of April 6, 2015


Policy Resolutions

•  AS 1555, Policy Recommendation, Credit by Examination (Final Reading)

•  AS 1557, Policy Recommendation, Revisions to SJSU Library Policy (Final Reading)

Library Policy Questions and Answers

 AS 1560, Policy Recommendation, Policy Recommendation, Scheduling the         Thanksgiving Holiday (Final Reading)

•  AS 1564, Policy Recommendation, Change to the membership and charge of the Strategic Planning Board (SPB) and the Strategic Planning Assessment Agency (SPAA) (Final Reading)     BA 87-14, Campus Budget Advisory Committee

•  AS 1565, Policy Recommendation, Refunds, drop policy, and the "W" Symbol (First Reading) 

•  AS 1566, Policy Recommendation, Appointment of Regular Faculty Employees (Final Reading)

•  AS 1567, Policy Recommendation, Retention, Tenure and Promotion for Regular Faculty Employees, Amends S98-8 (Final Reading)

•  AS 1568, Policy Recommendation, Retention, Tenure and Promotion For Regular Faculty Employees:  Criteria and Standards, Rescinds S98-8, (Final Reading)


Policy Resolutions from other campuses for discussion

AS 793-15, Cal Poly, Resolution on Information Request About Contract Ratification Votes