Meeting Materials

Senate Meeting

April 25, 2016

2-5 p.m., Engr. 285/287

Chair - Dr. Michael Kimbarow


Senate Agenda

• Senate Agenda for April 25, 2016


Consent Calendar

•  Consent Calendar for April 25, 2016


•  Executive Committee Minutes of March 21, 2016

•  Executive Committee Minutes of April 11, 2016

•  Senate Minutes of April 4, 2016


Policy Resolutions

•  AS 1590, Senate Management Resolution, Remote Attendance at Senate and Committee Meetings (Final Reading)

•  AS 1583, Policy Recommendation, Internships, Service Learning, and Off-Campus Learning Experiences (Final Reading)

•  AS 1603, Policy Recommendation, Committee Obligations and Senate Membership (Bylaw 6 Amendment) (Final Reading)

•  AS 1605, Senate Management Resolution, Electronic Voting (Final Reading)

•  AS 1607, Policy Recommendation, Restoring Options for Students with Quantitative Reasoning Disabilities Affecting Math Skills (Final Reading)

•  AS 1608, Policy Recommendation, Student Rights and Responsibilities (Final Reading) 

•  AS 1609, Policy Recommendation, Amendment to F13-2, Technology Intensive, Hybrid, and Online Courses and Programs (Final Reading)

•  AS 1611, Policy Recommendation, Rescinds S02-8, Information Technology Resources Responsible Use Policy (Final Reading)

•  AS 1613, Senate Management Resolution, Conferring the Title of Honorary Senator on Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley (Final Reading)

•  AS 1615, Sense of the Senate Resolution, Promoting SJSU's Support of the You Can Play Project (Final Reading)

•  AS 1616, Policy Recommendation, Amending S15-6, To Clarify Procedures for Recruitment Committees (Final Reading)

•  AS 1617, Sense of the Senate Resolution, Calling for Widespread Consultation Prior to Finalizing any Standards and/or Implementation Strategies Pertaining to Electronic Communication (Final Reading)

•  AS 1618, Policy Recommendating, Amending S15-7, To Clarify Secret Ballots for Choosing RTP Committees (Final Reading)

•  AS 1619, Policy Recommendation, Adopting New SOTE and SOLATE Instruments (First Reading)

•  AS 1620, Policy Recommendation, Probation and Disqualification (First Reading)

•  AS 1621, Policy Recommendation, Departmental Voting Rights (First Reading)

•  AS 1622, Policy Recommendation, Academic Certificate Programs:  Review and Approval Process (First Reading)



Faculty Diversity Presentation by AVP for Faculty Affairs, Elna Green, Time Certain:  2:15 p.m.