Chair of the Senate

Michael Kimbarow


Education, Communication Disorders

Office:  ADM 176
ZIP:  0024

Campus Phone: 42442

Ph.D., Communication Disorders, University of Minnesota, 1982


M.S., Speech Pathology, University of Michigan, 1976


B.A., Speech Pathology, Herbert Lehman College, NY, 1975

The Chair shall oversee the Senate's policy formulation process, shall take care that Senate policies are periodically reviewed and that appropriate revisions are initiated, shall cooperate with the incoming Chair to assure an orderly transition, shall be the Senate's principal spokesperson, and shall supervise the operations and activities of the Senate office. The Chair also chairs the Executive Committee and Co-Chairs the Resource Review Board. 

Executive Committee - Acts as an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to the President on request; acts for the Academic Senate at such times when the members may not be available; formulates policy proposals; refers matters of business to the appropriate agencies; develops and approves the agenda for Senate meetings and prepares nominations to standing policy committees and special committees for Senate approval. Acts as Budget Advisory Committee.