List of Senators by Classification


Ex Officio Members

Stefan Frazier (Chair)

Ariadna Manzo (Associated Students President)


Statewide Senators

Mark Van Selst  (Term Ending 2019)
Simon Rodan    (Term Ending 2021)
James Lee         (Term Ending 2020)


Administration Representatives

Mary Papazian  (President)
Joan Ficke (Provost/VP, Academic Affairs)
Kathleen Wong(Lau) (Chief Diversity Officer)
Patrick Day (Vice President, Student Affairs)
Charlie Faas (Vice President, Finance and Administration)



Sheryl Ehrman (Term Ending 2019)
Tracy Elliott (Term Ending 2019)
Bradley Olin (Term Ending 2020)
Pamela Stacks (Term Ending 2020)



 Cynthia Fernandez-Rios                  (Term Ending 2019)
 Kenya Gallo                                   (Term Ending 2019)
 Chelby Gill                                     (Term Ending 2019)
 Jyotsna Kethepalli                          (Term Ending 2019)
 Grace Pang                                    (Term Ending 2019)
 Sarah Rodriguez                             (Term Ending 2019)



Sheryl Walters (Term Ending 2019)



Susan McClory (Term Ending 2019) 



     Judith Lessow-Hurley


General Unit

1-GU-19  David Emmert  (Counseling)
2-GU-19  Alaric Trousdale (Int'l Stud. Svc.)
3-GU-21  Nyle Monday (MLK Library)                                                                        4-GU-20  Silke Higgins (MLK Library)                                                                          5-GU-21  Matheo Hurtado (Athletics)


College Of Business

6-B-21  Susanna Khavul (Bus, Sch of Mgt)
7-B-20  Steven He (Bus, Acct. & Fin)                                                                   

8-B-18  Maria Bullen (Bus, Acct. & Fin)


College Of Education

9-ED-20     Ravisha Mathur (Education - CHAD)
10-ED-21   Roxana Marachi (Education - Teacher Ed.)


College Of Engineering

11-EN-20  Anand Ramasubramanian (Biomedical, Chemical, Materials Engr.)

12-EN-19  Anil Kumar (Ind'l and Sys. Engr.)

13-EN-19  Laura Sullivan-Green (Civil/Envr. Engr.)


College Of Health and Human Sciences

14-HHS-20     Bethany Shifflett (Kinesiology)   
15-HHS-19     Winifred Schultz-Krohn (Occupational Therapy)
16-HHS-20     Jessica Chin (Kinesiology)
17-HHS-21     Billie Jo Grosvenor (Health Science/Recreation)
18-HHS-19     Soma Sen (Social Work)


College Of Humanities and the Arts

19-HA-21   Sharmin Khan (Linguistics/Language Dev)
20-HA-19   Shannon Rose Riley (Humanities)
21-HA-19   Gwendolyn Mok (Music)
22-HA-20   Alison McKee (TRFT)
23-HA-19   Todd Ormsbee (Humanities)


College Of Science

24-S-20   Brandon White (Biological Sciences)

25-S-21   Rachael French (Biological Sciences)

26-S-19   Shelley Cargill (Biological Sciences)

27-S-20   Suneuy Kim (Computer Science)



College Of Social Sciences

28-SS-20   Tabitha Hart (Communication Studies) - Replaced by Priya Raman for Spring 2019 while on Sabbatical) 
29-SS-21   Julia Curry (MAS)
30-SS-19   Lynne Trulio (Environmental Studies)
31-SS-21   Mary Wilson (History)
32-SS-19   Kenneth Peter (Political Science)