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Updated March 16, 2017


Academic Senate Information


At the March 13, 2017 Senate meeting, the following resolutions were passed by the Senate:


 Organization and Government Committee - Bethany Shifflett, Chair

1.AS 1621-Department Voting Rights (FINAL READING).   Following an extensive effort to incorporate feedback from all stakeholders on campus, O & G presented a final version of the Department Voting Rights policy recommendation to the Senate.  The policy clarifies voting rights of tenured and probationary faculty and clarifies the voting rights of temporary faculty. (PASSED and forwarded to the President for review and approval.) http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1621.pdf

2.AS 1629-Concurrent Membership on Operating and Policy Committee (FINAL READING). This policy recommendation.  This policy recommendation prohibits faculty who serve on a Senate Policy Committee from also serving concurrently on an Operating Committee reporting to the same policy committee.  (PASSED and forwarded to the President for review and approval.)  http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1629.pdf

3. AS 1635-Amendment A  to S16-8,Selection and Review of Administrators (First Reading)  This policy recommendation clarifies the procedures for selecting committees for the selection and review of Management Personnel Plan (MPP) administrators.  It proposes to: 1)increase the number of faculty serving on such committees (from 3-5); 2) permits temporary faculty to serve on the committees; 3) clarify the recruitment procedures for forming the respective committees. http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1635.pdf

4. AS 1642-Change in Membership, Charge, and Category for the Student Success Committee (FINAL READING). This policy recommendation dissolves the current Student Success Committee and reconstitutes it as a Special Agency reporting to the Instructional and Student Affairs Committee.  It changes the membership structure and modifies committee Charge to bring it in alignment with campus-wide student success initiatives. (PASSED and forwarded to the President for review and approval.) http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1642.pdf

Professional Standards Committee- Ken Peter, Chair

1. AS 1643- Amendment C to S15-6, Appointment of Regular Faculty Employees: Consideration for Early Tenure for Previously Tenured Faculty
(First Reading) This policy recommendation will provide an opportunity  for faculty who were previously tenured at another University to request an accelerated calendar for tenure and promotion review (earlier than the 6th probationary year) upon appointment to SJSU. http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1643.pdf

2. AS 1646-Selection and Review of Department Chairs (First Reading). This policy recommendation will rescind S14-8 and replace it with this revised and explicit policy on the selection and review of Department Chairs.  It clarifies the qualifications, the nominating process, and the voting procedures for selecting department chair nominees. It also establishes the conditions under which an external search may be requested. The policy also clarifies the procedures for conducing regular review of department chairs and conditions under which an early review may be requested.  The policy identifies the conditions and procedures for appointing Interim and Acting Department Chairs. http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1646.pdf

3. AS 1647- Rescinding and Replacing F97-7 University Policy on Privacy of Electronic Information (First Reading) This policy recommendation replaces our 20 year old policy and summarizes principles on privacy of electronic information found in the AAUP document "Academic Freedom and Electronic Communications" and included elements from the University of California policy on "Electronic Communications".  It is intended to serve as a guide to the President as she prepares a Presidential Directive to implement the purpose and principles of the policy.  http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1647.pdf

Instructional and Student Affairs- Michael Kaufman, Chair

1. AS 1637
(FINAL READING) Required enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students.  This policy recommendation rescinds University policy F11-2 and establishes clear requirements guidelines for continuous enrollment of graduate students who have completed all coursework and have begun but not completed their culminating experience. (Passed and forwarded to the President for review and approval.)  http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1637.pdf

2. AS 1648- Graduate Student Revalidation of Courses that Exceed the 7-Year Limit (First Reading)  SJSU does not have a policy on expiration or revalidation of graduate coursework that has exceeded the 7 year time-limit.  This policy establishes guidelines and procedures for department to follow in revalidating expired graduate coursework within the CSU credit maximum up to 9 units for a 30 credit program and up to 12 units for a program with more than 30 units. http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1648.pdf

Curriculum and Research- Ravisha Mathur, Chair

1. AS 1641-Amendment A to University Policy S16-14: Clarification of "Internship"
(FINAL READING) This policy amends S16-4 to reflect clarification from the CSU Chancellor's Office (CSU Executive Order 1064) regarding which internships require University-Organization Agreements (UOA).  It provides guidelines to departments and students regarding the creation, maintenance, and renewal of UOAs. It calls for the establishment of a UOA template for the University. It also establishes guidance for students who makes their own internship arrangements outside of a UOA. (PASSED and forwarded to the President for review and approval.) http://www.sjsu.edu/senate/docs/AS1641.pdf

I encourage everyone to review all the policies.  If you wish to provide input/feedback on policies that are in first reading status please contact your Senate representative or the respective committee chair directly.

Michael Kimbarow
Academic Senate Chair


The Senate received a university budget presentation by VP of Administration and Finance, Josee Larochelle on October 10, 2016.  Click here to see the slides presented.

The Senate also received a budget presentation for Academic Affairs from Provost and Senior VP of Academic Affairs, Andy Feinstein on October 10, 2016. Click here for the Academic Affairs presentation.

Opportunities for University Service

  • Serving on a Senate committee is an excellent way to get involved and we encourage you to find a committee focused on issues of importance to you, whether it be faculty affairs/professional standards, instruction and student affairs, research, facilities, or program development and assessment. 
  • Please check the list of current senate committee vacancies.  If you are interested, please contact your college rep for the Committee on Committees to learn about appointment and/or election procedures.



Recent Senate Policies signed by the President (Academic Year 2016-2017):

S17-3, Rescinds S82-10 and F86-7  Pertaining to Technology-Related Advisory Boards  

S17-2, Adopting New SOTE and SOLATE Instruments

S17-1, Final Examinations, or Culminating Activities Policy

F16-3, Modification of Senate Bylaw 15c, Pertaining to Editorial Changes in Policies and Senate Management Resolutions 

S15-1, Amendment A, Allocation of Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students, As per the CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement (2014-2017)