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Updated June 15, 2016


Academic Senate Information

Current Events:

At the last Senate meeting of 2015-2016 on May 9, 2016, the Senate passed two policy resolutions that were approved by Interim President Martin including;  S16-16 and S16-17.  

And, the Senate passed four Sense of the Senate Resolutions including; SS-S16-5, SS-S16-6, SS-S16-7, and SS-S16-8.


The Senate received reports on the Campus Climate Survey and Faculty Diversity during AY 2015-2016.


The Senate received a university budget presentation by VP of Administration and Finance, Josee Larochelle on November 2, 2015.  Click here to see the slides presented.

Budget Materials presented to the Senate have included:  The 2015-2016 University Budget, College Resource Allocations, and the Budget Allocation Process for Academic Affairs.

Opportunities for University Service

  • Serving on a Senate committee is an excellent way to get involved and we encourage you to find a committee focused on issues of importance to you, whether it be faculty affairs/professional standards, instruction and student affairs, research, facilities, or program development and assessment. 
  • Please check the list of current senate committee vacancies.  If you are interested, please contact your college rep for the Committee on Committees to learn about appointment and/or election procedures.



Recent Senate Policies (Academic Year 2015-2016):

Policies passed by the Senate and Signed into University policy by Interim President Martin:


Senate Management Resolutions Passed by the Senate (2015-2016):


Sense of the Senate Resolutions Passed by the Senate (2015-2016):