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Updated May 4, 2017


Academic Senate Information


At the May 1, 2017 Senate meeting, the following resolutions were passed by the Senate:

Curriculum and Research (Ravisha Mathur, Chair)

1. AS 1651- Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity: Advisor-Student Relationship, Sponsored Projects, and Proprietary RSCA and Issues of Confidentiality (FINAL READING) This policy recommendation rescinds S94-8 and represents the first substantial change to the campus RSCA policy in 23 years. The policy brings clarity to three key RSCA issues: a) the RSCA Advisor-Student Relationship; b) Sponsored Projects; and, c) Confidential Information in RSCA.(PASSED and awaiting the President's review and approval)

2. AS 1652-Organization of the Program Planning Process at San José State University (First Reading)  This policy recommendation would rescind S94-2, S96-10 and F03-4 and provides the first update to the  Program Planning policy in 10 years.  This recommendation comes in part in response to our most recent WASC accreditation visit and also resolves a number of inconsistencies and inaccuracies in our current Program Planning related policies.

3. As 1653-SJSU Graduate and Undergraduate University Learning Goals (First Reading) This policy recommendation rescinds S13-2 and updates University Learning Goals (ULGs) for Undergraduate and Graduate Students.  It establishes the expected achievements for UG and graduate students upon graduation from the University.

Instructional and Student Affairs (Michael Kaufman, Chair)

AS 1649-Registration Priority (FINAL READING) This policy recommendation rescincds F14-1, and Amends Section 2 of S73-4. It clarifies the order of priority registration.  (PASSED and awaiting the President's review and approval.)

Professional Standards (Ken Peter, Chair)

AS 1646-Selection and Review of Administrators  This policy will rescind S14-8 and establish an update and clarification to our existing policy.  Due to the need to resolve a number of additional amendments before bringing it to the Senate for a final vote, committee chair Peter recommended it be: Referred Back to Committee


The Senate received a university budget presentation by VP of Administration and Finance, Josee Larochelle on October 10, 2016.  Click here to see the slides presented.

The Senate also received a budget presentation for Academic Affairs from Provost and Senior VP of Academic Affairs, Andy Feinstein on October 10, 2016. Click here for the Academic Affairs presentation.

Opportunities for University Service

  • Serving on a Senate committee is an excellent way to get involved and we encourage you to find a committee focused on issues of importance to you, whether it be faculty affairs/professional standards, instruction and student affairs, research, facilities, or program development and assessment. 
  • Please check the list of current senate committee vacancies.  If you are interested, please contact your college rep for the Committee on Committees to learn about appointment and/or election procedures.



Recent Senate Policies signed by the President (Academic Year 2016-2017):

S17-7, Graduate Course Revalidation

S17-6, Departmental Voting Rights

S17-5, Required Enrollment for Culminating Graduate Students

S17-4, Change in Membership, Charge, and Category for the Student Success Committee

S17-3, Rescinds S82-10 and F86-7  Pertaining to Technology-Related Advisory Boards  

S17-2, Adopting New SOTE and SOLATE Instruments

S17-1, Final Examinations, or Culminating Activities Policy

F16-3, Modification of Senate Bylaw 15c, Pertaining to Editorial Changes in Policies and Senate Management Resolutions 

S15-1, Amendment A, Allocation of Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students, As per the CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement (2014-2017)