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Updated March 23, 2016


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Current Events:

At the March 7, 2016 Senate meeting, the Senate passed six policy recommendations that have been approved as University Policies S16-1--Amendment A, S16-3, S16-4, S16-5, S16-6, and S16-7.

The following information about the meeting was provided by Chair Kimbarow:

Policies submitted by the Organization and Government Committee

1. S16-3, Revision to the Strategic Planning Policy.  This policy recommendation establishes the membership of the next strategic planning committee and establishes the blueprint for the committee to do its work.  The final policy was developed after widespread collaboration with multiple constituencies on the campus including administrators, deans, department chairs, faculty and students.  It was submitted to incoming President Papazian for feedback and she is fully supportive of the proposal.

2. S16-5, This policy establishes the Accreditation Review Committee as a permanent special agency of the Senate.  The goal is to commit the campus to ongoing review and preparation pertaining to WASC accreditation. The policy creates a steering committee charged with oversight of the larger review committee and establishes the charge and membership of both. (Approved)

3. S16-6, This policy revises Senate bylaw 1.6.2 clarifying expectations and standards for Senators to serve on the Senate and policy committees.  It clarifies conditions under which a Senator can be removed and replaced for non-attendance or failure to perform assigned policy committee duties. (Approved)

4. AS 1603 which revises existing bylaw 6 was returned to the committee to clarify language in the revision. 

5.  S16-7, This policy revises Senate bylaw 15 and expands the circumstances under which the Senate Chair is authorized to make non-material editorial changes to Senate documents. (Approved)

6. S16-1, Amendment A, This policy was a simple correction fixing an inconsistency discovered in the FAR policy (S16-2) passed during the February Senate meeting. (Approved)

Policies submitted by Curriculum and Research

7. S16-4, This policy recommendation establishes Minimum Criteria for Undergraduate Minors and rescinds existing policy S75-4.  It will come as no surprise that there have been several changes related to academic minors since the 1975 policy.  AS 1597 establishes updated criteria for minors and provides guidelines to committees charged with approving minors. The criteria will apply to all minor programs by Fall 2018. (Approved)

8. AS 1601: Amendment to Physical Education Exemptions- This policy recommendation establishes authority to approve temporary exemptions to the 2.0 units of PE when the Curriculum and Review Committee is not available to meet to evaluate exemption requests. The proposal came to the Senate as a final reading; however, after vigorous discussion during the Q &A period it was moved and passed that it revert to a first reading so the committee can incorporate recommendations that came from the floor.

Polices submitted by Instructional and Student Affairs

9. AS 1602 (First Reading).  This policy recommendation proposes a major revision to the Greensheet policy passed 10 years ago. The proposal establishes clear distinction between specific vs. university-wide materials that are required to be inserted in all syllabi.  Members of the senate offered multiple suggestions for the committee to consider in modifying the proposal before it comes back for final reading.

Professional Standards

Committee chair Kenneth Peter requested feedback from the Senate on the Dossier Preparation Guide developed in support of the new RTP policies passed in Spring 2015.


The Senate received a university budget presentation by VP of Administration and Finance, Josee Larochelle on November 2, 2015.  Click here to see the slides presented.

Budget Materials presented to the Senate have included:  The 2015-2016 University Budget, College Resource Allocations, and the Budget Allocation Process for Academic Affairs.

Opportunities for University Service

  • Serving on a Senate committee is an excellent way to get involved and we encourage you to find a committee focused on issues of importance to you, whether it be faculty affairs/professional standards, instruction and student affairs, research, facilities, or program development and assessment. 
  • Please check the list of current senate committee vacancies.  If you are interested, please contact your college rep for the Committee on Committees to learn about appointment and/or election procedures.



Recent Senate Policies (Academic Year 2015-2016):

Policies passed by the Senate and Signed into University policy by Interim President Martin:


Senate Management Resolutions Passed by the Senate (2015-2016):


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