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Updated November 4, 2014


Academic Senate Information

Current Events:

At the November 3, 2014 Senate meeting, the Senate discussed two resolutions.  AS 1549, Policy Recommendation, Emeritus Faculty, Rescinds F92-6 and F96-7 (First Reading), and AS 1550, Policy Recommendation, Sound Level at Campus Events (First Reading). At the October 13, 2014 Senate meeting, the Senate passed AS 1547 (a policy on Scheduling of Advance Registration and Priority Registration) which was sent to the President and is now University Policy F14-1.  The Senate received a report on the University Budget by AVP of Finance, Josee Larochelle, and a report on the Athletics Budget by Athletics Director Gene Bleymaier.  These reports will be included in the Senate Minutes of November 3, 2014 when completed.  The Senate also received an update from the VP of Student Affairs, Renee Terry on the "Red Folder."  The Red Folder will be distributed in hard copy and also as an icon on the desktop for every faculty and staff member on campus.  The Red Folder gives information on how to assist students in distress.

Special Elections were held in CASA, ENGR, COSS, and the GU this Fall.  Only the GU and COSS seats are filled, or in the election process.   No nominees came forward from CASA or ENGR.  These seats are still vacant and can now be filled for one-year only.

One student resigned and AS is in the process of filling this seat.

Elections are underway for the Board of Academic Freedom in the colleges of BUS, H&A, and SCI.  These seats must be filled by Full-Time Full Professors.  

The Executive Committee submitted recommendations for membership on the VP of Student Affairs Search Committee  

The Executive Committee submitted recommendations for membership on the VP of Student Affairs Search Committee to the President on October 27, 2014.  

A Call for Nominations for membership on the Review Committee for the AVP of Graduate Studies and Research, Pam Stacks, was sent out on 11/3/14 and nominations are due on 11/19/14.  The link to the nominating petition is:  https://tinyurl.com/AVPGRAD

The Senate approved the Senate Elections Calendar for 2015 and it is now on the Senate website under the General Information section. 


Opportunities for University Service

  • Serving on a Senate committee is an excellent way to get involved and we encourage you to find a committee focused on issues of importance to you, whether it be faculty affairs/professional standards, instruction and student affairs, research, facilities, or program development and assessment. 
  • Please check the list of current senate committee vacancies.  If you are interested, please contact your college rep for the Committee on Committees to learn about appointment and/or election procedures.



Recent Senate Policies (Academic Year 2014-2015):

Policies passed by the Senate and Signed into University policy by President Qayoumi:



Senate Management Resolutions Passed by the Senate:


Sense of the Senate Resolutions Passed by the Senate: