General Education

Policy No Subject Supersedes/
S14-11 Physical Education Requirement Amends S13-3, Rescinds S73-5 and F96-12  
S14-10 Master's Committee Structure and Processes and Thesis Embargoes Rescinds S87-6, Amends S94-8 Effective Fall 2014
S14-9 Guidelines for Concentrations   Effective Fall 2014
S14-5 Guidelines for General Education (GE) American Institutions (AI), and the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) - 2014 GE Guidelines Effective Fall 2014, Rescinds S01-14, S05-8, S09-2, S11-3, and S12-9  
S13-10 Modifying the Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificates Amends S12-5  
S13-8 Residency Requirements for Masters Degrees Rescinds F91-3  
S13-5 Evaluation of Effectiveness in Teaching for All Faculty Amends F12-6  
S13-3 Temporary Accommodation for Degree Programs Reducing to 120 Units    
S13-2 Adoption of University Learning Goals   AY 2013
F12-6 Evaluation in Effectiveness in Teaching For All Faculty Replaces S91-1, S06-6, F83-2, S08-1, S83-12, S08-6, S89-6, S73-8, F12-1 Effective 2013-2014 Academic Year
S12-9 Temporary Suspension of Enforcement of the Requirement that Students must Enroll in Courses for Areas R, S, and V in SJSU Studies in three different departments    
S12-5 Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificate Programs    
S12-3 Bringing SJSU Policies into compliance with Federal Regulations regarding the definition of the Credit Hour Amends Greensheet Policy, F06-2  
F11-4 Frosh Housing Requirement at San Jose State University    
S11-3 2.0 Graduation Requirement for the GE Portion of SJSU Studies (areas R, S, & V)   Effective Fall 2011
S10-6 Academic Standards: Probation and Disqualification Policy Rescinds F96-11  
S10-4 Guiding Principles for Enrollment Management    
S09-2 Amends the 2005 General Education Guidelines 2005 GE Guidelines Effective August 20, 2009
F08-2 Repetition of Courses; Academic Renewal Amends S04-2 Rescinds F78-3S94-4S00-10  
SS-F06-2 In Support of Revised Program Planning Guidelines    
S06-4 Policy Recommendation—Final Examination, Evaluation, or Culminating Activity Policy   To be implemented Fall 2006
S05-8 Policy Recommendation—Revision and Reissuance of the GE Guidelines—GE Guidelines (pdf)    
SS-S05-5 Sense of the Senate Resolution, Promoting Liberal Education    
S02-3 Policies and Procedures for designating Service Learning Courses    
S01-14 Foreign Language Classes and GE    
S01-10 Distance Education Courses replaced S97-6  
S01-5 120 Unit Requirement for Baccalaureate Degree    
S00-6 Course Offering and Enrollment Standards replaces F66-3, and F66-4  
F99-7 GE Policy related to LLD 98/99 amends S98-11  
S99-6 Grading on Skills Courses, replaced S90-9 clarifies S88-6  
S99-4 Degree Termination replaced S79-12, F79-3, F79-2, F83-3  
S98-11 GE Program Guidelines see also S96-9  
F96-12 Exemptions to Physical Education Requirement amends S73-5  
S96-9 Board of General Studies Modify SJSU GE Program  
S95-5 Competence in Written Communication; WST; Writing Requirements Committee, BOGS replaced S79-22  
S94-7 Competency in Written English for Graduate Students replaced S87-7  
F89-3 Required Graduate Bibliographic Instruction    
S89-2 Graduate credit for Undergraduates    
F88-9 BA/BS differentiation and definition    
F88-6 Non-traditional grading, (credit/no credit)(pass/fail) clarified by S99-6, replaced S73-12  
F85-1 Time Limit on Graduation Requirements    
S85-4 Criteria for Upper Division Courses    
F84-2 Matriculated Students Registering in Open University    
F83-10 Entry Level Mathematics Examination Sanctions, Probation    
S83-15 Plus/Minus Grading System    
S81-11 University Requirement Oral Communications    
S79-3 Green Sheets (Syllabi) replaced S76-7, see also S04-12  
F78-3 Disregarding Past Work in Computation of Graduation GPA replaced S73-17  
S78-6 Guidelines for CEU Courses    
F77-2 The Continuing Education Unit    
F77-1 Requirements for a Second Master's Degree    
S77-8 Transferability of Credit by Examination    
S77-6 CLEP    
S76-8 Concurrent Enrollment    
F75-6 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Requirement    
S75-12 Maximum Unit Load during Winter/Summer    
S75-5 Undeclared as an Undergraduate Category replaced S71-8  
S75-4 Minimum Units for a Minor    
F74-7 Requirement for Graduate Record Examination (GRE)    
F73-8 Advanced Standing by Exam amended by F83-5  
S73-28 Change of Grade amended S73-16  
S73-24 Computing the GPA for CR grades in Graduate Courses    
S73-23 Minimum Percentage of Courses with Letter Grades Required for Master's program    
S73-14 Policy on Change of Program replaced S71-13  
S73-9 Continuing Education Course Standards    
S73-5 All-University Requirements (Written, Oral, and Physical Standards) amended by F96-12  
S73-14 Guidelines for Second Baccalaureate    
F72-8 Grade Distribution Reports    
S69-25 Minimum Number of Units for Baccalaureate Degree    
F68-9 Maximum Number of Junior College Transfer Units Allowed    
S67-2 Guidelines for Individual Studies and Special Studies    
F66-13 Prohibition of Double Numbering of Courses Lower/Upper Division