Sense of Senate Resolutions

Policy No Subject Supersedes/Amends Status
SS-F18-3 Advocating for Additional Protections for the Privacy of Electronic Information at San Jose State University    
SS-F18-2 Expressing our Appreciation of the Life and Work of Dr. Amy Strage, AVP for Faculty Development    
SS-F18-1 Information to the Campus Community for Serving and Assisting Undocumented Spartans    
SS-S18-2 Expressing our Appreciation and Good Wishes to Provost Andy Feinstein    
SS-S18-1 Honoring Professor Yoshihiro Uchida for His 70 years of Service to San Jose State University    
SS-F17-4 Faculty Trustee Report for Academic Senate    
SS-F17-3 Guidance on Implementation of EO 1064 Student Internships, Service Learning, and Off-Campus Learning Experiences    
SS-F17-2 On the Timelines and Content of Executive Orders 1100 and 1110     
SS-F17-1 In Opposition to the Order to End the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)    
SS-S17-2 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Michael L. Kimbarow for his Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S17-1 Requesting Changes in the System wide Proposed Intellectual Propery Policy    
SS-F16-1 Reaffirming San Jose State University's Commitment to an Inclusive Campus Climate and our Determination to Provide a Safe, Supportive, and Welcoming Community    
SS-S16-8 Calling for Widespread Consultation Prior to Finalizing any Standards and/or Implementation Strategies Pertaining to Electronic Communications    
SS-S16-7 Honoring and Thanking Eva Joice for Fifteen years of Service as Senate Administrator    
SS-S16-6 Supporting Efforts to Reduce Costs for Textbooks by Encouraging the Use of High-Quality Open Educational Resource Course Material    
SS-S16-5 Honoring and Thanking President Susan W. Martin for her Service to San Jose State University    
SS-S16-4 Promoting San Jose State University's Support of the You Can Play Project    
SS-S16-3 Calling for the California State University and the California Faculty Association to Implement the Recommendations of the Neutral Fact-Finder's Report and Avert a Strike    
SS-S16-2 Honoring Dr. Gus Lease for His 65 Years of Service to San Jose State University    
SS-S16-1 Assessment of Core Competencies    
SS-S15-7 Supporting the Resolution Prepared by the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA)    
SS-S15-6 Endorsing the Statement on Shared Governance at San Jose State University    
SS-S15-5 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Lynda Heiden for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S15-4 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S15-3 In Support of AS-3197-14, The Need for a Comprehensive California State University Policy on Academic Freedom    
SS-S15-2 Expressing Concern Regarding CA Bill 850    
SS-S15-1 Applauding Ten Successful Years for the SJSU Campus Reading Program and Urging its Continued Support by Students, Faculty, and Administration     
SS-F14-1 Endorsing the AAUP Centennial Declaration    
SS-S14-2 Honoring and Thanking Dr. William Nance for his Service to the Senate and the University on his return to the Faculty    
SS-S14-1 Concerning the Need to Continue to Increase the Proportion of Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty at San Jose State University    
SS-F13-8 Endorsing a Proposal to Reform the SJSU Policy on Retention, Tenure, and Promotion by Adopting the "Flexible Achievement" Plan    
SS-F13-7 Distribution and Spending of Funds from the Student Success, Excellence, and Technology Fee (SSETF)    
SS-F13-6 Condemning a Recent Act of Racial Hatred at San Jose State University and urging Follow-Through on Previously Existing Diversity Plans and Campus Climate Studies     
SS-F13-5 Requesting that Chancellor Tim White Undertake a Prompt Review of SJSU Governance    
SS-F13-4 Legislation to Ensure Continuous Faculty Trustee Presence on the California State University Board of Trustees    
SS-F13-3 Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library    
SS-F13-2 Request for Appointment of a Faculty Trustee to the CSU Board of Trustees    
SS-F13-1 Supporting Official Campus Visits for all CSU Presidential Finalists    
SS-S13-3 Honoring and Thanking Beth Von Till for her service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S13-2 Common Writing Handbook for SJSU    
SS-S13-1 Urging Amendments to California SB 520 to Better Achieve its Purpose of Fostering Innovation in Teaching in California Higher Education    

Commending AS on the 2013 Voter Registration Drive

SS-F12-3 Using a Shared Governance Model to Preserve Integrative Learning within a 120 Unit Limit    
SS-F12-2 Urging that California Voters Become Well Informed About the Current State of Funding for Public Education in California and the Potential Impacts of Passage or Failure of Proposition 30    
SS-F12-1 Regarding the Search for a New Chancellor    
SS-S12-5 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Joan Merdinger for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S12-4 Regarding the SJSU Smoking Policy See also S03-6  
SS-S12-3 Endorsing the Development of University Learning Outcomes    
SS-S12-2 Honoring and Thanking Senator Ted Norton for His Service to the Senate and the University on the Senate's 60th Anniversary    
SS-S12-1 WASC Review Steering Committee    
SS-F11-2 In Support of Rights to Peaceable Assembly    
SS-F11-1 Expressing our Appreciation of Dr. Gerry Selter    
SS-S11-9 Honoring and Thanking Rose Lee for her Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S11-8 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Michael Kaufman for his Service to the Senate and the University    
SS-S11-7 Expressing our Appreciation of Don W. Kassing, Again    
SS-S11-6 Support for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity    
SS-S11-5 "Resolution to Urge the Board of Trustees to Delay Consideration of Waivers to the Existing Title 5 'American Institutions' Requirement"    
SS-S11-4 Condemnation of the Suspension of the Faculty Senate at Idaho State University    
SS-S11-3 Support for Proposed Voting Guidelines for Implementation of S06-7 See S06-7  
SS-S11-2 Opposition to the Implementation of Mandatory Early Start Programs    
SS-S11-1 Honoring and Thanking Fred Najjar for his service to the University and the Senate    
SS-S10-4 Honoring and Thanking Wiggsy Sivertsen for her service to the University and the Senate    
SS-S10-3 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Veril Phillips for his Service to the University and the Senate    
SS-S10-2 Support for Open Access to Scholarly Work and Research    
SS-S10-1 In Support of an Academic Senate of the California State University (ASCSU) Nominee as CSU Faculty Trustee    
SS-F09-3 In Support of ASCSU Resolution, AS-2912-09/FA, Furlough Implementation and Faculty Rights    
SS-F09-2 Opposition to the Reduction in State Support to the CSU System and a Call for Advocacy    
SS-F09-1 Preservation of Core Academic Activities    
SS-S09-3 Expressing our Appreciation to Dr. Carmen Sigler    
SS-S09-2 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Sigurd Meldal for his Service to the Senate and to the University    
SS-S09-1 In Support of the GE Task Force Report See also SM-S08-3  
SS-S08-6 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley for her Service to the Senate and to the University    
SS-S08-5 Expressing our Appreciation of Don W. Kassing    
SS-S08-4 In Support of AS Resolution 0708-02, In Opposition to the Budget Cuts to Higher Education proposed in the State of California Governor's January 2008–2009 Budget    
SS-S08-3 Calling for a Task Force to Investigate Open Access to Publications through an SJSU institutional repository, and make appropriate Recommendations    
SS-S08-2 2008–2009 Shared Value "Integrity"    
SS-S08-1 Commending President Don W. Kassing for Supporting SJSU's Commitment to Non-Discrimination by Suspending Campus Blood Drives    
SS-F07-5 Affirming San Jose State University's Commitment to Complete Academic Freedom in the use of Library Resources    
SS-F07-4 Thanking the Staff of the Dr. Martin Luther King Library for its hard work during recovery from the Alum Rock Earthquake    
SS-F07-3 SJSU Response to the Proposed Differential Fee Increase for Graduate Business Degrees in the CSU    
SS-F07-2 Supporting International Week Oct. 28—Nov. 2, 2007    
SS-F07-1 Commending the IRB Task Force    
SS-S07-7 Creation of Annual Celebration of SJSU's Legacy of Poetry—information on SJSU's Legacy of Poetry    
SS-S07-6 SJSU Shared Value for 2007–2008: Community    
SS-S07-5 Commending the Leadership of the WASC Re-Accreditation Review for Service to the University    
SS-S07-4 Library Resources to Support the Independent Ed.D.    
SS-S07-3 Opposing Proposed Name Change    
SS-S07-2 The Importance of Settling the Contract Between the CSU and CFA    
SS-S07-1 Access to Electronic and Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities    
SS-F06-3 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Khaled Hosseini    
SS-F06-2 In Support of Revised Program Planning Guidelines    
SS-F06-1 In Support of Associated Students, San Jose State University's 2006 Campus-wide Voter Registration Drive    
SS-S06-9 Amendment to SS-S01-4, Regarding Recommended Safeguards Around Issues of Assessment SS-S01-4   
SS-S06-8 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Sally Veregge for her Service to the Senate and to the University    
SS-S06-7 Honoring Senator David McNeil    
SS-S06-6 Guidelines    
SS-S06-5 Improving Textbook Affordability and Availability    
SS-S06-4 Professional Development Plan    
SS-S06-3 Student Organization Advising    
SS-S06-2 Adding Promotion Review to RTP Committee Responsibilities and Rename as the University Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee—RTP    
SS-S06-1 Performance Review Cycle—RTP    
SS-F05-4 SJSU Shared Value for 2006–2007     
SS-F05-3 To Maintain the Purpose and Approach of EO 595     
SS-F05-2 Honoring J. William Fulbright on the Occasion of the Celebration of his Centennial Year     
SS-F05-1 Honoring Robert D. Clark, Eighteenth President of San Jose State University    
SS-S05-12 Faculty Compensation and the Crisis in Recruiting and Retaining Faculty of High Quality    
SS-S05-11 Joining the Coalition of Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA)    
SS-S05-10 Honoring and Thanking Dr. Annette Nellen for her service to the Senate, the University    
SS-S05-9 Commending Dean Breivik for her Senate Service    
SS-S05-8 Endorsing the Annual Report of the ULB—2005 Library Report (pdf)    
SS-S05-7 SJSU Shared Values    
SS-S05-6 Adoption of Preliminary Plan to Convert the Current SOTE Paper-based Process to an Online (Web-based) Collection System    
SS-S05-5 Promoting Liberal Education—AAC&U Statement on Liberal LearningInformation on AAC&U's LEAP Campaign    
SS-S05-4 Planning for San Jose State University's Sesquicentennial Celebration    
SS-S05-3 Recognition of Retiring Faculty    
SS-S05-2 Endorsing the Goals and Vision Drafted by the Goals Advisory Council    
SS-S05-1 Call for Increased Attention to Campus Climate Policy Violations and Broader Understanding and Support of the Policy    
SS-F04-6 Requesting Interim President Kassing to Create a Task Force to Develop a Plan to Reduce the DIA's Dependence on the General Fund    
SS-F04-5 To Co-Sponsor a Forum on Shared Values as an Initial Step in Strategic Planning    
SS-F04-4 Supporting an Annual Forum on Academic Freedom    
SS-F04-3 Expressing our Appreciation of Peter C. Lee and Sorrow for His Death    
SS-F04-2 Endorsing Activities to Build a Culture of Reading to SJSU    
SS-F04-1 Supporting Associated Students, San Jose State University's 2004 Campus Wide Voter Registration Drive    
SS-S04-10 Opposing the Budget Agreement between the Chancellor and the Governor    
SS-S04-9 Infusion of Information Literacy into the SJSU Curriculum    
SS-S04-8 Supporting Academic Integrity Week to be Held each Fall    
SS-S04-7 Expressing our Appreciation of Joe Crowley    
SS-S04-6 Request to President Yu to Create a Task Force to consider the Appropriate Athletics Program for SJSU    
SS-S04-5 Sense of the Senate Resolution Accepting the Department Chair Task Force Report—Report of the Academic Senate Task Force on Dept. Chairs (pdf)    
SS-S04-4 Report Regarding Athletic General Fund Budget    
SS-S04-3 Endorsing Budget Priorities for 2004/2005    
SS-S04-2 Endorsement of Proposition 56    
SS-S04-1 Endorsement of Proposition 55    
SS-F03-3 Protection of Campus Trees    
SS-F03-2 To Co-Sponsor Four Accreditation Forums this Academic Year    
SS-F03-1 To Co-Sponsor a Dossier Preparation Workshop every September    
SS-S03-7 Acknowledgement of the New Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library    
SS-S03-6 Regarding the Report on Evaluation of the General Education Assessment Process    
SS-S03-5 Regarding the Report of the Task Force on the Recruitment and Retention of a Diverse Faculty    
SS-S03-4 WASC Review Steering Committee    
SS-S03-3 SJSU Library Budget Study Report and Recommendations—(Budget Report) (pdf)    
SS-S03-2 Urging the CSU to give Campuses Maximum Flexibility in Dealing with the Budget Crisis    
SS-S03-1 Endorsing the CSU Academic Senate Resolution on Student-Faculty Ratio(SFR)    
SS-F02-4 Regarding the CSU's 2003/2004 Support Budget    
SS-F02-3 Authorizing Senate Sponsorship of a Forum on the Budget and Academic Affairs    
SS-F02-2 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2003–2004    
SS-F02-1 Honoring and Celebrating the Life of Senator Roy E. Young    
SS-S02-7 Endorsing the Attached Report:  Faculty/Student Preferences under Year-Round Operations    
SS-S02-6 Endorsing the Attached Report:  Alleviating Faculty Workload at SJSU    
SS-S02-5 Endorsing Membership in the Worker's Rights Consortium    
SS-S02-4 Endorsing the Knight Commission Report and Calling for Actions Related to SJSU Athletics    
SS-S02-3 Recognition of Lecturers by Colleges    
SS-S02-2 Authorizing Senate Sponsorship of Two Forums featuring Provost Goodman    
SS-S02-1 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2002/2003 "The Priorities Resolution" as per F96-4, 2.2    
SS-F01-2 On Behalf of More Proportional Representation on the CSU Academic Senate    
SS-F01-1 Condemning the September 11 Terrorist Attacks, Expressing Sympathy for the Injured and Killed, and Reaffirming our Commitment to Tolerance and Diversity    
SS-S01-7 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2001/2002    
SS-S01-6 Resolution Endorsing MUSE (Metropolitan University Scholars Experience)    
SS-S01-5 Endorsing an Ed.D in the CSU System    
SS-S01-4 Regarding Recommended Safeguards around issues of Assessment    
SS-S01-3 Critical Issues for the Future of San Jose    
SS-S01-2 Departmental Relations with Retired Faculty    
SS-S01-1 Supporting the University's Hosting of the 15th Annual CSU Student Research Competition    
SS-F00-6 Year Round Operations at San Jose State University    
SS-F00-5 Opposition to Proposition 38: School Vouchers    
SS-F00-4 Honoring Men's Baseball Team    
SS-F00-3 Declaring an Annual University Heritage Day    
SS-F00-2 Adopting principles for guiding the consideration of a partnering arrangements for facilities development at SJSU    
SS-F00-1 To co-sponsor a workshop with CFA and the Office of Faculty Affairs on Dossier Preparation    
SS-S00-6 To have the Affirmative Action Committee Sponsor and Co-Sponsor Forums and Workshops on Topics Related toFaculty Hiring and Retention.    
SS-S00-5 Proposed Title 5 Revisions    
SS-S00-4 Extended hour study space    
SS-S00-3 Support for Propostion 26    
SS-S00-2 To Co-Sponsor a symposium with Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network and The Planning & Conservation League on the Environmental Goals of VISION 2010    
SS-S00-1 Not Flying State Flags Incorporating the Confederate Flag and Honoring the NAACP Boycott of South Carolina    
SS-F99-9 Response to the Governor's Call for a Community Service Requirement    
SS-F99-8 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 2000/2001 "The Priorities Resolution" as per F96-4, 2.2    
SS-F99-7 Cosponsoring the Faculty Service Recognition and Awards Luncheon    
SS-F99-6 Out of Crisis: Reforming Governance of the California State University    
SS-F99-5 CSU Draft Accountability Response    
SS-F99-4 Evaluation of Faculty Merit Increase (FMI)    
SS-F99-3 Egalitarian Principles in Awarding FMIs    
SS-F99-2 Expressing Our Sorrow for the Death of Academic Senator Ann Doordan and Appreciation for her Life    
SS-F99-1 To Co-Sponsor a Forum with CFA and the Office of Faculty Affairs on the CSU-CFA Agreement    
SS-S99-7 Endorsing Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network Vision 2010    
SS-S99-6 Commendation of Senator Kenneth Peter    
SS-S99-5 "Out of Crisis--Reinventing the CSU" Recommendations to the Governor and Legislature of California    
SS-S99-4 Response to the Imposition of Terms and Conditions of Employment by Chancellor Reed and the CSU Board of Trustees    
SS-S99-3 Status of the Faculty Contract After the Rejection of the Proposed Tentative Agreement    
SS-S99-2 Requesting Formal Recognition of a Transit, Traffic, and Parking Advisory Committee    
SS-S99-1 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 99-00: "The Priorities Resolution" as per F96-4, 2.2    
SS-F98-2 Response to the CSU Cornerstones Draft Implementation Plan    
SS-F98-1 The Collective Bargaining Impasse    
SS-S97-6 Response to Academic Priorities Steering Committee Report    
SS-S97-5 Response to Redesign Task Force Report    
SS-S97-4 Request to Debate Congressman Solomon on the "Solomon Amendment"    
SS-S97-3 Condemning the "Solomon Amendment" and Affirming Civil Rights and Academic Freedom    
SS-S97-2 Endorsing Budget Priorities for AY 97-98    
SS-S97-1 Supporting President Caret's Prudent Handling of ROTC Events    
SS-F96-4 Educational Equity and CCRI    
SS-F96-1 Investigation into Library Discard Incident    
SS-S96-4 Billing Information for students    
SS-S96-3 Priorities for Implementing "Diversity Resolution"    
SS-F95-3 PSSIs should be awarded in one step increments    
SS-S95-6 Undergraduate Student Advising    
SS-S95-5 Measures to Foster Appreciation of Diversity—Report recommending diversity (pdf)    
SS-S95-1 Opposition to Graduate Fee Differential    
SS-S94-3 Intercollegiate Athletics    
SS-S94-2 Domestic Partners    
SS-S93-12 Report from Senate Special Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA)    
SS-S84-2 Report on SS-S83-9, Intercollegiate Athletics    
SS-S83-9 Use of Instructional Funds and Position for Intercollegiate Athletics    
SS-S82-7 Use of Instructional Funds for Intercollegiate Athletics