Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Remediation:

  • What is a developmental course?
    • Developmental courses are pre-college level courses that do not count towards the baccalaureate degree. They do, however, count towards a students total enrollment for the semester. 
  • Will I need to take a developmental course?
    • See ELM/EPT Exemptions. SJSU no longer offers developmental courses in English. Even if you enter SJSU in a remedial English status, you will choose between English 1A and English 1AF/1AS for your first year writing course. Both Courses are GE-level courses and confer units toward your degree. English 1AF/1AS moves at a slower pace, though, and may be the more appropriate course for remedial students.
    • If you score below 50 on the ELM, you will be required to enroll in a developmental math course sequence, MATH 1005A (fall) and MATH 1005B (spring). You may retake the Entry Level Mathematics test (ELM) at the end of the fall semester to try to move into GE math in the spring.
    • In addition, students who have earned a conditionally Ready status in English or mathematics but do not submit an unofficial transcript by Monday, June 24th, showing that they have passed an approved course with a grade of C- or better in both semesters will be placed into remedial status unless they have passed the EPT or ELM by the May 6 test administration. 
  • When will I need to start my remediation?
    • See Early Start. Most Students will need to start their remediation in the summer prior to their first fall term. Students who enter in the spring are exempt from the Early Start requirement.
    • Remedial students are required to enroll in Early Start classes to prepare them for their fall remedial courses. Only students in these categories are exempt from the Early Start requirement.
  • Can I take the ELM or EPT to improve my placement?
    • The EPT can only be taken once. Students can retake the ELM once in each test cycle. If a score 50 or higher, your requirement will be met. Scores are not returned to SJSU until 4-6 weeks after the test date. 
    • Fall semester students may retake the ELM, but they must do so before the end of October to avoid taking MATH 1005B in the spring. Students retaking the ELM in Spring should retake it no later than March. 
  • How do I get out of remediation?
    • You can clear your EPT/ELM remedial status by passing the required courses during your first year at SJSU. Once you have done so, the EPT/ELM service indicator will be removed and you will no longer be in remedial status.
  • What if I don't register for a remedial course?
    • Enrollment in developmental courses is mandatory. Failure to register for or attend a required developmental course will result in all your classes being withdrawn for the semester. 
  • Can I also enroll in other classes?
    • While enrolled in developmental courses, you can take other classes that are on the list of Approved Courses for remedial students.
  • How long will I be in remediation?
    • All remediation must be completed within the first year. Once you have completed the requirement, you will be removed from remedial status.

Your Second Semester:

  • What about registration for my second semester?
    • You can register for Approved Courses for your second semester. If you are required to take two semesters of remediation based on your test score, you should register for the second semester course during advance registration. However, if you receive No Credit for your first semester class, you will be dropped from that course in your second semester.
  • What if I fail a remedial course?
    • SJSU had a NO REPEAT policy with respect to remedial courses. If you do not pass your remedial course in your first semester, you will still be able to enroll in Approved Courses for your second semester but must complete the remedial requirement through a community college within your first year.
  • What if I decide not to attend SJSU for a second semester?
    • Students who have not cleared their remedial requirements and decide not to attend SJSU for a second semester will be placed on EO 665 Leave of Absence.
    • If a student on a leave of absence wants to return to SJSU within the next year, the remedial requirement must be met first. Beyond one year, a student must reapply once they have reached junior status. See the section on being placed on an EO 665 Leave of Absence.
  • Are there exceptions to the one-year time limit?
    • The following exceptions apply to the one-year limit for completing remediation:
      • The Accessible Education Center can request an extension for completion of remediation on a case-by-case basis to accommodate certain disabilities.
      • Students who were unable to enroll in remedial course because it was not available will be granted an additional semester to complete the requirement. Only one extension of this nature is allowed.
      • Students who have resided in the United States for less than 8 years can receive an additional semester to complete English remediation at a community college.

Enrollment Beyond one year:

  • What if I haven't completed remediation by the end of my second semester and I don't qualify for an extension?
    • In order to register for a third semester at SJSU, you will need to provide proof that you are enrolled in a course at a community college that will complete the remedial requirement before the beginning of the next term. If you provide proof, you will be allowed to enroll in a third semester. But, proof of a passing grade must be submitted before the first day of classes or you will be withdrawn and placed on an EO 665 Leave of Absence.
  • Can I also enroll in other classes?
    • If you are placed on a leave of absence, you will have up to one year to complete your requirement. If you can do that within one year, you can return to SJSU without having to reapply
      • EPT: Students placed on a Leave of Absence for not completing the EPT requirement must pass a course equivalent to English 1A (GE Area A2) within one year.
      • ELM: Students place on a Leave of Absence for not completing the ELM requirement must pass an Intermediate Algebra course within one year.
    Can I satisfy my remediation requirement at a community college course?
    • Courses taken to complete a remedial requirement at a community college must be passed with a grade of "C-" or better. Once enrolled, the student is responsible for contacting Developmental Studies at for more information about reporting the final grade.


  • I am a Spring admit and score below 147 on the EPT or below 50 on the ELM. Do I have to participate in the Early Start Program?
    • Students who have been admitted for Spring semester are exempt from the Early Start requirement, but they are subject to all requirements imposed by Executive Order (EO) 665.
  • What is a service indicator?
    • Remedial students will see an EPT and/or ELM service indicator on their records. This will be listed under holds but will not prevent registration. It will be removed once the requirement is completed.