Spring Student Information

All incoming CSU students must satisfy the EPT and ELM requirement before registering for any class. At SJSU, non exempt students entering in the Spring must take the required test(s) by January 9 in order to register for Spring classes.

Students admitted in Spring are subject to all requirements of Executive Order (EO) 665 with the following exceptions:

  1. If a remedial course you are required to take is not offered in the Spring, you will be allowed to begin your remediation during the following Fall semester. You will have one year from the time you begin remediation to complete the requirement.
  2. If you are unable to enroll in your required remedial course in the Spring, you will be able to enroll in course work on the list of Approved Courses. But, if the course you need is available, you must be registered in it to remain enrolled in other classes.
  3. Spring admits are not required to participate in Early Start.

Placement into Developmental Courses

If your EPT total score is less than 147, you are considered by the CSU to be a developmental writing student.

If your ELM total score is less than 50, you are considered by the CSU to be a developmental math student.

Students who do not score high enough on the ELM/EPT will be required to enroll in appropriate developmental courses when they attend Orientation. In order to remain enrolled in other classes, you must be enrolled in these courses. Until you have completed your developmental math/writing requirement, you will be restricted to taking courses appropriate to students at your level.



147 or higher

English 1A



English 1A
English 1AF +


English 1AS

138 or below

English 1A
English 1AF +

English 1AS



50 or higher GE Math  
Below 50 Enrollment in Math will be deferred until Fall

Math 1003A/B, Math 1006A/B, Math 1006L,
UNVS 1015A


Approved Courses for Remedial Students

While in remedial status, students are limited to register to the courses on the Approved Course list.

A student in remedial status is not allowed to enroll in any course numbered 100 or higher.

Receiving a "No Credit" in a Remedial Class

San Jose State University is not able to support a repeated attempt for students who do not pass their first attempt at a remedial course. Students must then take an equivalent class at another institution.

Please note, SJSU discourages students from taking online courses to complete remediation and has special requirements for those taking them.

Contact DevelopmentalStudies@sjsu.edu before signing up for one. 

EO 665 Leave of Absence

Students will be placed on an EO 665 Leave of Absence for one of the following reasons:

  1. A student has not completed remediation at the end of their first semester and chooses not to return to SJSU for a second semester.
  2. A student fails to complete all remedial requirements within the one-year time limit.

NOTE: Students in remedial status are not eligible to apply for a personal or educational leave of absence.

They are only eligible for an EO 665 Leave of absence until they have completed all remediation.

While on an EO 665 Leave of Absence, you cannot enroll in classes at SJSU even through Open University until you have completed your remedial requirements.

An EO 665 Leave of Absence is good for up to one year. If you are placed on a leave of absence, you may return to SJSU without having to reapply if you complete your requirement within one year.

SJSU does not accept lower division transfers. Therefore, if you do not complete your requirement before the end of your one year leave of absence, you will need to reapply to SJSU once you are a junior.

Completing Remediation


If you are placed on an EO 665 Leave of Absence for not completing English remediation, you have until the beginning of your third semester to complete a course equivalent to LLD 2(prior to Fall 2016) or English 1A or English 1AF + AS.

If you have not completed a course by the beginning of your third semester, you must pass a course equivalent to English 1A in order to return.


If you are placed on an EO 665 Leave of Absence for not completing math remediation you have two options:

  1. Retake the ELM and score 50 or higher. It takes 4-6 weeks to receive the results. If you pass, you must contact the Director of Developmental Studies to be cleared and reinstated.
  2. Pass an intermediate algebra or GE math class at a community college. Your grade must be C or better. Once you are enrolled in an appropriate course, contact the Director of Developmental Studies for information about reporting your grade.

Every student enrolled in developmental math and writing courses is expected to understand the CSU policy on remediation, Executive Order 665.

The EO 665 Handbook should be downloaded below and read carefully by every student. SJSU policies with respect to completion of remediation are explained in this handbook.


Courses taken online will not be accepted unless exams are proctored. 

Once enrolled in a course that satisfies requirement. Students are required to submit their final grade, in form of an unofficial transcript to developmentalstudies@sjsu.edu and an official transcript to SJSU. 

If a student does not submit a final grade within a timely manner. Students who fail any of their fall remedial classes will be withdrawn from SJSU before the spring semeter through Administrative Academic Disqualification. Disqualified students wishing to return to the university must reapply as upper division transfer students in their junior year. 


(Active link of EO 665 Handbook)

Planning for Your Second Semester

Students must see his/her major advisor to assist in planning for their second semester.  Students who have a remediation requirement are limited to how many and what courses they can take at SJSU, please see Approve Courses for a full list. Students will not be able to registrar for some courses until their remediation or test scores are posted on MySJSU.   

Students that required to complete two semesters of remediation based on test scores, will need to registrer for the second semester course during advance registration. If the student receives a grade of "No Credit," they must complete their remediation at a community college. 


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