Compliance Policy


The Early Start Program (ESP) requires freshmen entering the California State University (CSU) with remedial course requirements in English, mathematics, or both to begin remediation in the summer before their first semester. The purpose of the program is to help students complete their remedial course requirements within the one year limit allowed by the CSU. Students are only required to begin remediation; they are not required or even expected to complete a full semester of remedial coursework during the summer. (Nevertheless, many students make significant gains, and some complete remediation entirely, through Early Start.)

One provision of the ESP mandate states that students who do not satisfy their Early Start requirement shall be withdrawn from the university or otherwise sanctioned, pending the outcome of an appeals process. SJSU students who do not satisfy their Early Start requirement will be placed on Administrative Academic Probation (AAP) for the fall semester of their freshman year. Students on AAP may not enroll in any spring courses until they have passed their fall remedial classes. (For the purpose of this policy, a "remedial class" is considered to be any class used to clear UGRM status, including English 1AF or Statway.) Upon passing their fall remedial classes, students will be removed from AAP and may enroll in spring coursework. Students on AAP who fail any of their fall remedial classes will be withdrawn from SJSU before the spring semester through Administrative Academic Disqualification. Disqualified students wishing to return to the university must reapply as upper division transfer students in their junior year.

Students who do not enroll in Early Start classes, as well as those who enroll but receive a grade of 0 (indicating that they have not completed the requirement), will be placed on AAP as described above. Those wishing to appeal this decision must file petition by Monday, September 18, using the “Early Start Noncompliance Appeals Petition” link below.

All appeals will be decided by Friday, September 22, and notifications will go out to affected students shortly afterwards. Students who do not file an appeal will be placed on AAP as described above


Students who have been notified that SJSU has not yet received proof of Early Start participation must file a petition by Monday, September 18. Those who do not file a petition will be placed on AAP for noncompliance as described above.