Study Tips

1. Organize your studying- don't cram.

Your studying is more effective if you spread it out. Plan out your studying to allot time for each class in small blocks and then switch subjects. Be sure to take brief breaks in between.

2. Take care of yourself.

Recent science has proven that learning, thinking critically, and accessing your memory are all enhanced through adequate sleep and exercise. So, be sure to take care of yourself during finals. Allot time to sleep, eat, and get some exercise.

2. Study "Actively"

Don't just re-read your notes and assignments. Create written summaries of your notes. Ask yourself (or your peers) questions about the material and work out answers. Draw diagrams or flow charts that connect thoughts and concepts.

3. Ask for help

Your professors are there to help! Ask them questions. Send them an email or Canvas message.  Allow adequate time for response (not the night before the exam). Peer connections has tutoring during finals:

5. Organize a Group Study Session

Your peers in the class are a good resource too.  Get together with them to review concepts, ask each other questions, etc. You can reserve a study room in the library.