Minor, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

Tanya Bakhru

Program Coordinator: Professor Tanya Bakhru
Office: DMH 238A
Phone: 408-924-5744
Email: tanya.bakhru@sjsu.edu

The Women’s Studies Program offers a comprehensive course of study which provides students with a multidisciplinary body of knowledge, both theoretical and factual, about women. The curriculum emphasizes the diversity as well as the commonalities among women. The goals of the Women’s Studies Program include the promotion of intellectual growth, effective communication, realistic self-appraisal, leadership development, healthy behaviors, independence, collaboration, appreciation of diversity, and achievement of personal and educational goals. A Women’s Studies minor provides students with information about women’s experience, history and changing roles, thus offering a useful background for most professions and an important complement to any major.

In addition to the courses offered by the Women’s Studies Program, a wide variety of courses on women and gender is offered by other departments. A complete listing of courses is available each semester in the Women’s Studies Program class list handout.

Interested students should consult with a Women’s Studies Program faculty member for advising and approval of the program.

See also courses offered in Women’s Studies.

Requirements of the Minor (15 units)

In the course listings below, click on the course number to view the course description in the SJSU Catalog. GE areas are shown in parentheses. See GE Course Attributes in the SJSU Catalog for definitions of codes.

Core Courses (12 units)

  • WOMS 010: Perspectives on Sex and Gender Roles (D1)
  • WOMS 101: The Study of Women (S)
  • WOMS 102: The Global Study of Women (V)

Complete one course from:

  • AAS 185: Multicultural Perspectives within American Society (S)
  • WOMS 160: Women, Race and Class
  • WOMS 193: Women and Minorities in the Social Sciences

Electives (3 units)

Complete three units from (not taken above):

  • WOMS 020: Women of Color in the US (D2)
  • WOMS 144: Vietnamese Women in America
  • WOMS 160: Women, Race and Class
  • WOMS 169: Sexualities and the Body
  • WOMS 180: Individual Studies
  • WOMS 189: Islamic Perspectives on Gender
  • WOMS 190: Internship
  • WOMS 193: Women and Minorities in the Social Sciences
  • AFAM 156: Black Women Writers: Race, Culture and Life Cycle in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • AFAM 166: African-American Women in History
  • AAS 160: Asian American Women
  • MAS 160: Gender and Sexuality in the Chicana/o Community (S)