Minor, Social Science

Requirements of the Minor (18 units)

In the course listings below, click on the course number to view the course description in the SJSU Catalog. GE areas are shown in parentheses. See GE Course Attributes in the SJSU Catalog for definitions of codes.

Required Courses (9 units)

  • SOCS 177: Sociology of Education
  • SOCS 195: Theory and Practice in the Social Sciences

Complete one course from:

  • AAS 185: Multicultural Perspectives within American Society (S)
  • SOCS 193: Women and Minorities in the Social Sciences
  • WOMS 160: Women, Race and Class

Electives (9 units)

Three courses, two of which may be lower division, from Asian-American studies, anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology, or women's studies. (No more than two courses may be from any one subject area listed above.)