BA, Sociology

The BA in sociology offers students the widest flexibility possible in terms of career choices. Sociological analyses supply an understanding of all aspects of the social world, human behavior in groups, the sources and consequences of social change, and potential solutions to social problems. Computer and research-design courses round out the valuable skills possessed by sociology majors.

All Students should regularly consult an advisor in the major. Sociology advisors have drop-in advising hours. For a schedule of advising hours, see Advising.

Requirements of the Major (42 units)

In the course listings below, click on the course number to view the course description in the SJSU Catalog. GE areas are shown in parentheses. See GE Course Attributes in the SJSU Catalog for definitions of codes.

Core Courses (27 units)

Complete one course from:

  • SOCI 102: Introduction to Statistics
  • SOCI 015: Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences (B4)

UNVS 015C or UNVS 016C may be used in lieu of the statistics course required by this major.

Complete one course from:

  • SOCI 104B: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
  • SOCI 105B: Advanced Qualitative Research Methods
  • SOCI 181B: Sociology Career Capstone

Additional Requirements (15 units)

Complete one course from:

Complete one course from:

Select any additional three upper division Sociology courses including those listed above and SOCI 199H, Senior Honors Thesis.


Transfer Credit & Articulation


  • See the SJSU Catalog entry for complete degree information on the BA in Sociology. Requirements of the major are only part of the requirements for graduation, as briefly summarized here:
Requirements of the Major (as above) 42 units
General Education Requirements 39 units
Physical Education 2 units
University Electives 37 units
Total 120 units
  • A minor in another department is strongly recommended.
  • Some classes “double count” in GE or SJSU Studies as well as in the Sociology major. However, the units for the class only count once. You should keep track of the cumulative number of units you have earned. Check your transcript on MYSJSU.