Social Science Teacher Preparation

The mission of the Social Science Teacher Preparation program is to prepare exemplary teachers to work in elementary and secondary public school cl assrooms. Our department is committed to providing a solid foundation in interdisciplinary social science. The complex social issues teachers and students confront require that they have the ability to analyze and critique the myriad of problems affecting schools from multiple perspectives. It is our goal to provide future teachers with the skills necessary to meet the needs of diverse learners in the classroom.

We offer majors in secondary (Single Subject Teacher Preparation) teacher education. Learn more by clicking the links below:

The Social Science Single Subject Teacher Preparation major is the only California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) approved courses of study in the College of Social Sciences at San José State University.

If you care about children/youth, equity in education, and you want to make a positive contribution to the field of education, Social Science Teacher Preparation is the right major for you. We invite you to join us. It is our mission to train exemplary teachers, advocates, and leaders for the betterment of our schools and society.