BA, Social Science, Preparation for Teaching (Multiple Subject)

This major is designed for students interested in teaching in elementary school or middle school. The following course work satisfies San José State University’s requirements for a BA in Social Science. The Commission on Teacher Credentialing in the state of California (CCTC) no longer recognizes Teacher Prep degrees as verification of subject matter competence. In order to verify subject matter competence for Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (K–8) individuals must pass all portions of the appropriate Commission-approved subject matter examination(CSET for Multiple Subjects).

Maintaining a minimum grade of average (GPA) of at least 2.87 and completion of the program will not guarantee admission to the credential program. Like all other applicants, students must meet credential program standards and undergo screening for admission. See "Teaching: How to Become a Teacher in California" (see Teaching) for information on application and admission to credential programs.

Requirements of the Major (36 units)

In the course listings below, click on the course number to view the course description in the SJSU Catalog. GE areas are shown in parentheses. See GE Course Attributes in the SJSU Catalog for definitions of codes.

Lower Division (6 units)

Complete one sequence from:

U.S. History and Government Sequence

Asian American History Sequence

  • AAS 033A: Asian Americans in the United States Historical and Political Process (M6)
  • AAS 033B: Asian Americans in the United States Historical and Political Process (M7)

Upper Division (30 units)

  • ECON 109: Analysis of Economic Issues for Teachers
  • GEOG 112: Nations, Cultures, and Territorial Disputes (V)
  • GEOG 137: California in Historical and Social Scientific Perspectives
  • GEOG 138: United States in Historical and Social Science Perspectives (S)
  • GEOG 139: The World in Historical and Social Science Perspectives (V)
  • ANTH 115: The Emerging Global Culture (V)
  • POLS 102: State Government and Politics
  • SOCI 162: Race and Ethnic Relations (S)
  • SOCS 177: Sociology of Education
  • SOCS 195: Theory and Practice in the Social Sciences

Support Requirements for Diversified Major
(60–66 units)

Language and Literature (21 units)

Complete one course from:

Complete one sequence from:

Linguistics Sequence

  • LING 108: Introduction to Second Language Development, Teaching, and Assessment
  • EDEL 108E: Teaching Reading in Linguistically and Culturally diverse classrooms

Development Sequence

  • CHAD 150: Development of Communicative Competence
  • CHAD 151: Developing Literacy in a Diverse Society

Complete any GE area A3 course.

Mathematics (9 units)

  • MATH 012: Number Systems (B4)
  • MATH 105: Concepts in Mathematics, Probability and Statistics
  • MATH 106: Intuitive Geometry

Science (12 units)

Visual and Performing Arts (9 units)

  • CA 177: Interdisciplinary Arts for Teaching

Complete two courses from:

Physical Education and Health (3–6 units)

Complete one sequence from:

Health Education Sequence

  • KIN 177: Movement Experiences for Children
  • EDTE 190: Health Education for the Classroom Teacher

Child Health Sequence

  • CHAD 149: Child Health and Physical Activity

Human Development (3–6 units)

Complete one sequence from:

??? Sequence

  • PSYC 082: Child and Adolescent Psychology(D1)
  • CHAD 067: Development of Human Potential(E)

Development Sequence

Other Preparation for the Major and Supporting Courses (3 units)



  • See the SJSU Catalog entry for complete degree information on the BA in Social Science, Preparation for Teaching (Multiple Subject). Requirements of the major are only part of the requirements for graduation, as briefly summarized here:
Requirements of the Major (as above) 36 units
Support Requirements for Diversified Major (as above)  60–66 units
General Education Requirements 12 units
Physical Education 2 units
University Electives 4–10 units
Total 120 units
  • Foreign language and technology requirements for teaching credential are strongly recommended.
  • You should keep track of the cumulative number of units you have earned. Check your transcript on MYSJSU.