Teacher Credential Program

How to Apply to the Social Science Single Subject Teacher Credential Program

For the full application process see How to Apply. Generally, there are three main steps in applying to the Social Science Single Subject Teacher Credential Program:

Step1: Submit your application through Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations.

Step 2: Submit your application to Secondary Education.

Step 3: Make an appointment with the Social Science Credential Program Advisor, Dr. Wendy Rouse.

After You Have Applied Through Graduate Admissions and Secondary Education:

Contact Dr. Wendy Rouse to schedule an appointment to meet to discuss your subject matter competency and take your writing exam.

When you come to the meeting, please bring the following information:

  • Social Science Education Subject Matter Competency Report (Link to PDF)
  • Copies of the following items:

Unofficial Transcript

CSET Scores (in order to meet subject matter competence you must take and pass all three subsections of the Social Science California Subject Examination for Teachers. Applicants who have earned a B.A. form a California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) approved social science subject matter program(such as the SJSU Social Teacher Preparation program), are exempt from taking the CSETs). More information on the CSET is available at CSET website.

At the meeting, you will be asked to complete a writing exam. You will be given a prompt and will have 30 minutes to write on a topic that is given to you. We will forward your written test to Secondary Education for review, and you will be notified by Secondary Education vie email regarding your test results.

 Our Graduates:  Where Are They Now?

Gregory RussoGreg 2010 Homestead High School, San Jose
Jules Brouillet 2014 Broadway High School, San Jose
Mark Hartung 2014 Hoover Middle School, San Jose
Samantha Snook 2014 Kennedy Middle School, Cupertino
Thomas Eilerts 2013 Branham High School/Leigh High School, San Jose
Sarah Michelet 2013 Fremont High School, Sunnyvale
Paul Stanfield 2013 Wilson High School, Santa Clara
Mark Stott 2013 Wilcox High School, Santa Clara
Michelle Balazs (Geery) 2012 Quimby Oak Middle School, San Jose
Mikala Wood 2012 Orchard Middle School, San JoseOar
Courtney Caldwell 2011 Fremont High School, Sunnyvale
Kenneth Pantoja 2011 Ley Va Middle School, San Jose
Vincente Ramirez 2011 Christopher High School, Gilroy
Ryan Soykin 2011 Wilcox High School, Santa Clara
Jonathan Wilson 2011 Santa Clara High School, Santa Clara