Class in session


Fall 2014

Welcome back!  Enrollment census day is Monday, September 22nd.  You will not be able to make changes to your course schedule without a completed petition, the Department Chair's approval, and approval from the Academic Advising and Retention Services office.


Planning to Graduate in Spring 2015?

The deadline to submit your Application for Graduation and Major form to the Registrar for Spring 2015 graduation is Friday, October 31, 2014.  These forms require the signature of the Department Chair, Dr. Wendy Ng.  Submit your forms to the SISS department office in DMH 241 at least a week before the deadline.  Late forms will not be accommodated.  Be sure to attach unofficial transcripts, course history, and "My Academics" to complete your packet.  You are also encouraged to attend one of the Office of the Registrar's graduation workshops.


New Sociology Major Concentrations Starting Fall 2014

There are two new concentrations offered for Sociology majors this year:

If you are interested in majoring in these new concentrations, please complete a Change of Major form, attach your unofficial transcripts, and submit your paperwork to the SISS department office in DMH 241 for the signature of the Department Chair, Dr. Wendy Ng.


Sociology Capstone Permission Codes for Spring 2015

If you are scheduled to graduate in Spring 2015 and plan to register for SOCI 181B, you must request a permission code using an online form that will be posted in the next several weeks.  Eligible students should have already taken SOCI 104 and SOCI 105 prior to Spring 2015.  If you only have one of these courses left to take, you may concurrently enroll in that course and SOCI 181B in Spring 2015.


Admissions to Criminology Are Closed as of September 30, 2011.

New students are no longer being accepted into the Sociology Concentration in Criminology.