Applying for Graduation

There are three steps involved in applying to graduate with a Sociology degree from San Jose State University.

Required Documents for Form Submission

All students requesting signature from the chair need to bring the following documents along with the completed form:

  • "My Academics" Homepage (print screen)
  • Course History (via "My Academics")
  • Unofficial transcripts from SJSU
  • Unofficial transcripts from previous college(s) OR print a copy of the "Transfer Credit" report from MySJSU "My Academics" section

Step One: Get the forms

There are at least two forms required when you apply to graduate. The first is the application for graduation, and the second is the Sociology Contract for the Major. The application for graduation basically says that you intend to graduate by a specific date, which you put on the form. The Contract for the Major is where you list the courses you have taken up to now, and the courses you intend to finish by your graduation date, in order to fulfill the requirements for the major.

The forms are only available online. WE DO NOT GIVE THESE FORMS OUT AT THE SOCIOLOGY OFFICE. You will find the forms at:

Step Two: See an Advisor

Before you can submit your graduation application, you must see one of the Sociology advisors to have them review your Contract for the Major and sign it. And before you see them you must print out your SJSU unofficial transcripts and degree progress report to bring with you.

To find the walk-in advising hours for the faculty, see Advising.

Step Three: Get the Approval of the Sociology Chair

Once your Contract for the Major has been signed by an advisor, then bring the Contract, and the graduation application, and your unofficial transcripts and degree progress report to the Sociology department office at DMH 241. Turn them in there and please allow 3-4 business days of processing time and check back with the office for the status of the paperwork. At that point we will send them to the Registrar's office, where your Graduation Analyst will begin the process of arranging your graduation.

We will have copies of your forms waiting for you in the Sociology office. Make sure to come and get them, and to keep them safe, because they can help you in the event that anything goes amiss.