Spartan Food Pantry

Spartan Food Pantry


The Spartan Food Pantry is the first full service, staffed, walk-in pantry offering non-perishable goods, fresh produce, and refrigerated goods at SJSU. 

No student should have to face food insecurity.[We define those in need as students who have limited or uncertain access to nutritious and safe foods because of a lack of money and other resources.]

Most food provided is donated in partnership with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.  Individual donations are accepted during operational hours.



Fall 2019 hours: Monday 1-6PM; Wednesday-Friday 11AM-4PM


Volunteer Here

Location:  Diaz Compean Student Union  (exterior entrance across from Engineering Rotunda)



  • must be currently enrolled (fall) student
  • must bring their Tower ID Card & reusable grocery bags
  • earn a gross annual income of $33,348* or less (no documentation required)
  • Self-Identify you need food assistance 



How it works

Step 1:

  1. Check-In (staff swipe your SJSU Tower ID card verifying you are currently enrolled)
  2. Complete the Spartan Food Pantry Intake & Agreement Form at one of our computer stations. This is completed on the first visit of each academic semester.

Step 2:

Spartan Food Pantry

Shop for items within the 6 zones.  Availability of stock in each zone may vary. Staff will let you know if there are any limits per zone on that day.

  • Zone 1 (Produce) 
  • Zone 2 (Multiple Use) 
  • Zone 3 (Cool Zone)
  • Zone 4 (Single Use)
  • Zone 5 (Toiletries)
  • Zone 6 (Grab-N-Go)

Step 3

  1. Check-Out (staff review items & re-swipe your Tower ID)
  2. Bag items (in re-usable bag you've brought) 


Eating Well IconWe highly encourage students to ask questions if they don't know how to prepare a food.  Wellness & Health Promotions has an excellent website Eating Well on a Budget, that helps provide cooking tips, videos, and recipes. 




Produce bins inside pantryEntrance of Spartan Food Pantryitems in Spartan Food Pantry


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:   How often can students come to the pantry?  

A:   Eligible students are permitted to come to the pantry once per calendar week. 


Q:     What should I know about expiration dates?

A:     There are multiple types of dates (best by, use by, produced on, etc.) associated with food products in the U.S. Most consumers do not know the difference.  If you have questions ask a staff member, review information available by Second Harvest of Silicon Valley, or from the USDA.


Q:    Do I need to have my Tower ID on me?

A:    Yes.  Students without a Tower ID might not be able to be served.  If you are a currently enrolled student who has permanently misplaced your ID card please go to the Student Services Center for a replacement.  More info on the Tower ID card is found here


Q:    How can I give back or volunteer?

A:     Eligible SJSU students are able to participate in the food pantry program for free.  There is no exchange of work for food.

Volunteer positions help keep our pantry running by assisting with tasks such as stocking/inventory management, student check-in/out, compost trips, etc. Morning and afternoon shifts are 3 hours each Mondays-Thursdays.

1)  View Opportunities & Sign Up is easy using a Google/gmail account. Use the volunteer selection link to find a volunteer spot that you can fulfill. Clicking SAVE will reserve your spot & place it on your Google calendar automatically. That is your confirmation; we do not send additional confirmations or reminders. We anticipate seeing you at the time/date you select.

2)  Complete our volunteer waiver agreement online as soon as you sign up.

General questions can be sent to

Besides volunteering there are many ways you can help.


Q:    How many students use the pantry?

A:     SJSU Cares posts Monthly usage statistics on this site

We are SJSUFoodPantry on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 

*Income limits are set by  US Government at 275% of the Federal Poverty Line. $2,862 monthly for individuals of a household of 1; add $1,013 per additional household member.  Please ask if you have questions.