Message from Interim the Dean

Jan English-Lueck, Interim Dean of CoSS
Jan English‑Lueck,
Interim Dean of CoSS

Lynne Trulio, Acting Assistant Dean of CoSS
Lynne Trulio,
Acting Associate Dean

A new school year is beginning, bringing many changes to the College of Social Sciences. Our Dean, Sheila Bienenfeld, retired in June and is happily adjusting to civilian life. I will be Interim Associate Dean until a search is completed that will bring us fresh talent and vision. For three years, I was Dean Bienenfeld’s Associate Dean. For twenty years before that I had been an Anthropology Professor, working with our students to understand the cultural complexity of our own region. Joining me in the Dean’s office will be Lynne Trulio, a distinguished Environmental Studies scientist and former Chair. She will be Acting Associate Dean.

During this time of transition, we will be reflecting on what makes our College strong, resilient and dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and communities around us. Our College contains many core disciplines, Anthropology, Communications Studies, Economics, Geography, History, Psychology, Political Science and Sociology that try to grasp the fundamental patterns of human behavior. However, we also contain departments and programs that transcend any one discipline and use multiple points of view to grapple with social issues. African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Behavioral Science, Environmental Studies, Global Studies, Jewish Studies, Mexican American Studies, Organizational Studies, Social Science Teacher Preparation, Women’s Studies and Urban and Regional Planning all weave together diverse disciplines to consider who we are and to improve the way we live. Running through all these fields is a passion to better ourselves and our communities, and a keen practical intelligence committed to action as well as scholarship. We are committed to interdisciplinary endeavors and to recognizing the global interconnections all around us.

As the Fall 2014 semester unfolds, we will invite you to many familiar events—September’s Constitution Day, October’s Halloween and Day of the Dead in ACCESS, and the November Dean’s Symposium and Emeritus luncheon. We will also have open forums for the candidates for the Dean’s position. Watch this website and join us!

Jan English‑Lueck,
Interim Dean