Faculty Accomplishments

Lynne Trulio

Lynne Trulio (Environmental Studies)

Austen D. Warburton Award of Merit 2014

Wendy Ng

Wendy Ng (Sociology and
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)

CoSS Meritorious Service Award 2014

Sean Laraway

Sean Laraway (Psychology)

CoSS Teaching Excellence Award 2014

Hien Duc Do

Hien Duc Do (Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)

Austen D. Warburton Award of Merit 2013

Beth Von Till

Beth Von Till
(Communication Studies)

CoSS Meritorious Service Award 2013

Beth Von Till has been a lecturer in the Communication Studies Department since 1987. Selected as the Outstanding Lecturer in 2007, her many duties have included Director of the Comm Studies Lab, WASC assessment coordinator, WASC Steering Committee, Chair of the Senate Curriculum and Research Policy Committee and Chair of the Academic Senate. Beth was a founding member and chair of the Communication Centers Section of the National Communication Association and president of the National Association of Communication Centers. She was named a Salzburg Fellow in 2007, 2010, and 2011. Currently serving on the University Library Board, she was recently elected to the Tower Foundation Board and the Athletics Board. Research interests include intercultural communication and organizational communication.

Anne Marie Todd

Anne Marie Todd
(Communication Studies)

CoSS Teaching Excellence Award 2013

Anne Marie Todd is Professor of Communication Studies. Her most recent book, Communicating Environmental Patriotism: A Rhetorical History of the American Environmental Movement (Routledge, 2013) responds to American apathy toward global environmental crises and suggests patriotism as a persuasive framework for sustainability. Get Green! (Heinemann Raintree, 2008) promotes sustainability literacy and teaches conservation skills to young audiences (9–11 years). Her research has been published in journals including Public Understanding of Science, Environmental Communication, Ethics & the Environment, and Critical Studies in Media Communication. Dr. Todd is a founding member of the International Environmental Communication Association and serves on the advisory board for the Green Ninja Project.

Chuck Darrah

Chuck Darrah (Anthropology)

Austen D. Warburton Award of Merit 2012

Chuck Darrah is a cultural anthropologist and chair of the Department of Anthropology at San José State University. His research has focused on work and workplaces, families, and technology. He co-founded the Silicon Valley Cultures Project and the Human Aspiration and Design Laboratory (HADLab), both at San José State University. His book, Learning and Work: An Exploration in Industrial Ethnography, is based on fieldwork in two manufacturing plants and focuses on how people become incorporated into communities of practice through work. Busier Than Ever! (with J. M. Freeman and J. A. English-Lueck) discusses busyness in American life. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the John and James Knight Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente. He is a co-founder of Design Practices Collaborative and consults in both the public and private sectors.

Dayana Salazar

Dayana Salazar
(Urban and Regional Planning)

CoSS Meritorious Service Award 2012 and
SJSU Distinguished Service Award

Dayana Salazar is a Professor at San José State University’s Urban Planning Department specializing in participatory community planning and development. She leads students out of the classroom to work with the community towards improving the quality of life in local neighborhoods. Under her leadership, teams of faculty and students have developed neighborhood improvement plans in close partnership with more than 12 diverse, low-income neighborhoods in the South San Francisco Bay area. The neighborhoods and local government agencies have used the neighborhood improvement plans to direct well over 30 million in public funds towards implementing community-identified priorities. Professor Salazar also serves as Executive Director for a multisector team of faculty, community residents, community benefit organizations, and city agencies that power CommUniverCity San José, a unique partnership between a neighborhood near the campus (community), San José State (university), and the City of San José (city) focusing collective resources, knowledge, and expertise on neighborhood-driven priorities. Read about Dayana Salazar at SJSU Today.

Kenneth Peter

Kenneth Peter (Political Science)

CoSS Teaching Excellence Award 2012

Kenneth Peter was raised in Idaho and educated at Stanford, Chicago, and Princeton. He was fortunate to have been influenced by several truly gifted teachers of political theory, including Nan Keohane, Brian Barry, Joe Cropsey, Sheldon Wolin, and Dennis Thompson. One could hardly pick a more diverse set of teachers, and Ken turned into a methodological eclectic. After finishing his Ph.D., Ken returned to his undergraduate roots and taught for two years in Stanford's program in Structured Liberal Education (SLE), a residential great books program. Following, he earned a permanent position at San José State, where he has taught all of our political theory courses as well as introductory American politics. Recently he has also taught for the Humanities Honors sequence, which has been one of the great intellectual challenges of his life. Ken agrees with Aristotle that “teaching is the highest form of scholarship.”

Genelle Austin-Lett

Genelle Austin-Lett
(Communications Studies)

SJSU Outstanding Lecturer 2012

Read about Genelle Austin-Lett at SJSU Today.

Kevin Jordan and Vern Battiste in Flight Simulator

Kevin Jordan (Psychology)

Principal Investigator in a $73.3 Million NASA Research Award

Read about the NASA research award granted to Kevin Jordan at SJSU Today.

Dayana Salazar with Communivercity

Dayana Salazar
(Urban and Regional Planning)

CommUniverCity Receives National Award for
Innovative Partnership That Reduced Crime

Read about the national MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Award for CommUniverCity at SJSU Today.

Peter Haas

Peter Haas (Political Science)

Austen D. Warburton Award of Merit 2011

Jan English-Lueck

Jan English-Lueck (Anthropology)

Meritorious Service Award 2011

Mary Pickering

Mary Pickering (History)

University Outstanding Scholar 2011


Faculty Awards 2010

CoSS Meritorious Service Award 2010

Maria Luisa Alaniz (Social Science Department)

Austen D. Warburton Award 2010

Mary Pickering (History)

Faculty Awards 2009

CoSS Meritorious Service Award 2009

Mark Van Selst (Psychology)

Austen D. Warburton Award 2009

William Reckmeyer (Anthropology)