Kathrine Richardson's Book on NAFTA and Knowledge-Workers

Richardson, Kathrine. Knowledge Borders: Temporary Labor Mobility and the Canada–US Border Region. Northampton: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.

This book analyses how the particular provisions of Chapter 16 of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal with labor mobility of North American professionals across the Canada-U.S. border with an emphasis on the binational Cascadia region. Ideally, NAFTA status provisions should make the movement of professionals easier across the border of all NAFTA countries. However, in the case of software engineers and other new technology professionals, it is arguably not so. This book probes the dynamics of transitory immigration of ‘knowledge-workers’ between the North American city regions of Vancouver (Canada), Seattle, and San Francisco/Silicon Valley. The book concludes by shedding light on whether or not the Canada-U.S. border is an impediment to the development of high-tech clusters in the larger Cascadia region.