School of Social Work Strategic Directions 2011-2014

The six existing strategic directions were developed in 2010 and adopted in Spring 2011.

The School of Social Work strategic plan will be reviewed and revised each year for the succeeding three years. The goals will be revised as they have been accomplished or situations or circumstances have changed.

  1. Improve governance and operational models.
    Ref # Goals
     1.1 Improve efficiency and effectiveness of faculty governance and consultative processes
     1.2 Identify and address any unnecessary administrative service structures
     1.3 Improve and streamline administrative processes
  2. Ensure options and opportunities for collaboration
    Ref # Goals
     2.1 Identify high impact opportunities to improve local communities.
     2.2 Connect with specific community agencies for research collaborations.
     2.3  Align research grants and support for dissemination with strategic objectives
     2.4  Extend international partnerships, specifically Viet Nam, Argentina
  3. Review curriculum alignment with vision, mission and directions.
    Ref # Goals
     3.1 Review and monitor programs ( in order to determine areas for improvement, as well as to maintain standards through a continual assessment of the faculty’s) (particularly sequence chairs) program vision, mission, and direction, as related to reaffirmation criterion.
     3.2 Assess linkages between academic program and field practicum (internships), and monitor mechanisms for improvement.
    3.3 Investigate the use of special session programs and how the dissemination of information could be enhanced through technology.
    3.4 To explore opportunities for faculty institutes related to technology training, as well as increase student professional networking opportunities and the school’s online presence through technology.
  4. Define Standards and Support for Student Success.
    Ref # Goals
    4.1 Review standards for admission and graduation.
    4.2 Establish and monitor school-wide policies and standards for student success
    4.3 Improve Retention and graduation rates.
    4.4 Develop a plan to monitor and support first year MSW and BASW students.
    4.5 Investigate consistency in grading and grade inflation. Also, grading that is too severe.
     4.6 Develop a consistent and congruent plan for tracking graduates.
  5. Enhance revenue streams.
    Ref # Goals
    5.1 Identify and develop potential revenue streams (continuing education, donations, grants, special session).
    • Investigate connection between 5.1 and 5.2
    • Identify overall sources and steps, and then prioritize
    5.2  Establish and maintain contact with alumni and retired professors.
    • Develop contact list
    • Organize “alum” advisory group, i.e., previous SSW Alums of the Year
    • Define benefits of being an alum of SSW SJSU
    • Improve advertising and marketing
  6. Focus operations on strategic planning, communication, quality service and accountability.
    Ref # Goals
    6.1 Review and monitor program through regular assessment and annual review of student learning and stakeholder feedback about the program.
    6.2 Enhance faculty orientation for all new faculty.
    6.3 Ensure mentoring of part-time faculty and junior faculty.
    6.4 To explore opportunities and review assigned time for research productivity and curricular/ faculty coordination.
    6.5 To continue to develop seminars, brown-bag presentations and colloquia, including on site and remote options.
    6.6 To develop and maintain a plan for faculty renewal based on program priorities and emerging opportunities through CASA and University opportunities.
    6.7 Identify and address gaps in accreditation standards and School performance.
    6.8 Review the School strategic plan annually.
    6.9 To redesign the School website to better meet the needs of different visitors to the site.