July 2007


11 - ScWk 298 Sections

Attachments: ScWk 298 Section Transfer Request Form.doc

*** Attention Students Enrolling in ScWk 298 Fall 2007 ***

Hi all,

Attached is a ScWk 298 Section Transfer Request Form.  SJSU has still not rectified the problem with one of the "closed" sections, and also some students have contacted me about switching into section that are full.  We will find every student who needs 298 a spot somewhere

In planning this, please fill-out and return the form to me by fax (408-924-5892), email ( plee4@email.sjsu.edu), or in person to my mailbox in the office.  Please submit this form if you (1) do not have a 298 section, or (2) have a 298 spot but would like to switch.  The last day to submit this form is at the orientation session Tuesday August 21st.  Placement into a section will occur before you need to attend your first day of 298.



Peter Allen Lee
MSW Program Coordinator &
Research Sequence Chair


10 - Mentors for MSW Students

Hello Second- and Third-Year MSW Students!

Remember how many questions you had when you first started this program and how much it meant when you got the inside scoop from some of the more experienced students?  Well here's your chance to support your colleagues and give back.  SWGSA and the School of Social Work are looking for continuing MSW students (3-year or full-time) who are willing to be mentors for our incoming newbies.

As a mentor, you would be a contact person throughout the academic year for first-year students who have questions about the MSW program. SWGSA plans to pair mentors with cohorts to increase a sense of familiarity. You will be able to choose the amount of time and resources you are willing to share. Some mentors may want to make themselves available during certain hours (like office hours) during the day on campus, and other mentors may want to maintain contact via email. The number of mentors per cohort depends on the number of volunteer mentors we have.  We want to make these mentorship opportunities as helpful as possible.  We also expect all mentors to represent SWGSA and the School in a professional manner.

Please reply to Becky Fewel at       bfewel@gmail.com       if you are interested in mentoring.

Thanks and see you at orientation!

Becky Fewel
SWGSA Representative


9 - Training for MSW Students Entering First Year of  Field

*** This Message Is For MSW Students Entering First Year of Field ***
*** Sent on Behalf of Blanca Tavera, Interim Direct of Field Education ***

Dear MSW Students Entering First Year of Field,
Some of you have asked whether the Risk Training seminars on August 20th and 27th are mandatory or if you can attend only one of two the days. The School of Social Work policy requires that all students must complete the risk training prior to beginning their field placement, both for educational and liability purposes. The two-day training includes the following topics:
- Child Abuse Risk and Reporting Guidelines
- Adult Protective Services and Reporting Guidelines
- Suicide Risk, Tarasoff/Duty to Warn Guidelines
- Ethics and Confidentiality and Use of Supervision
- Domestic Violence 
If you have completed training in the above areas, you may request to be excused from some or all of the sessions, depending on your past experiences and documentation of instruction received. To do so, please submit the following to the Field Education office (attention: Blanca Tavera, blanca.tavera@sjsu.edu) no later than August 13, 2007.
Your name:
Your contact information (phone and email):
The type and title of the training:
Agency providing the training:
Training coordinator or contact person:
Training coordinator or contact person phone number and email:
Number of training hours:
You will need to provide a copy of your certificate of completion or equivalent as proof of your training.  Thank you.
Blanca Tavera
Interim Director of Field Education


8 - SWGSA Needs You

SWGSA Needs You!

Hello everyone!

I hope that your summer is going well.

The Fall 2007 incoming students are having their orientation August 16th, 17th, 20th and 21st.  The SWGSA is involved with the planning of this and we need your help!  A few have volunteered already; we need more of you to help with specific duties such as serving on student panels, leading break-out sessions, and assisting with set-up and clean-up.

Although you do not have to participate in SWGSA or be a member to help with orientation, we are also looking for student leaders to assist with this year's major activities: Bridging the Gap Job and Career Fair, NASW Lobby Days, Graduation, and brown bag/student seminars. 

If interested, please contact Elizabeth Noble ( nobleew@gmail.com).

Thank You!


Peter Allen Lee
MSW Program Coordinator


7 - MSW Program Field Education Orientation

Hi all,

Hope you are well and enjoying some time off during the summer.  The MSW Program now has details regarding orientation for field education:

Monday August 20th - Orientation Schedule For Students Entering First Year of Field (1st-Year Full-Time and 2nd-Year 3-Year Students)
Location: These events will begin with registration in front of WSQ 109.

9:00am - 5:00pm          Mandated Reporting Training Part I
                                    Lunch on your own

Tuesday August 21st - Orientation Schedule For ALL Students In Field
Location: These events will begin with registration in front of WSQ 109.

1:00 - 2:00pm   Registration

2:00 - 3:00pm   [Please see group assignments below]
                 First-Year Field Students (1st Year Full-Time and 2nd Year 3-Year MSW Students starting internship)
                          2:00 - 3:00pm   Field Education Orientation 
                 Final Year Students, i.e., Those Graduating Spring 2008
                          2:00 - 3:00pm   Orientation to ScWk 298, Community Project, and Graduation Requirements

3:00 - 5:00pm   Meet And Greet FFLs and Field Education Reception (food provided!) For All Students In Field, including those in first and second year of internship

Monday August 27th - Orientation Schedule For Students Entering First Year of Field (1st-Year Full-Time and 2nd-Year 3-Year Students)
Location: TBA

9:00am - 5:00pm          Mandated Reporting Training Part II
                                    Lunch on your own

*** Is Orientation Mandatory?
All orientation sessions and events are mandatory.  If you cannot attend due to emergency or compelling reasons, please notify Alberta Jimenez ( ajimenez@casa.sjsu.edu).  You will be responsible for catching-up on the information presented.

*** Special Accommodations
Please notify Alberta Jimenez ( ajimenez@casa.sjsu.edu) if you need special accommodations for orientation.

Thanks and best wishes,


Peter Allen Lee
MSW Program Coordinator
(408) 924-5850