Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

The School of Social Work have an undergraduate and graduate student association. These student-led groups participate in the creation and administration of events and activities supporting their peers and colleagues.

Undergraduate Social Work Association (USWA)

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The Undergraduate Social Work Association (USWA) works towards articulating BASW student interests and concerns to the BASW Program Coordinator and to the Director. The School appoints a faculty liaison to the USWA to support their activities. Planning social activities, fund raising and graduation planning are other areas of interest for the organization. Students elect their own officers and may or may not seek recognition from the University Student Association and plan their own activities. Students are encouraged to participate and support their student organization so they may work cooperatively with their fellow students and support each other through the program.

Social Work Graduate Student Association (SWGSA)

The Social Work Graduate Student Association (SWGSA) is a student organization formed by and for MSW students. SWGSA participates in and sponsors activities such as orientation, graduation, workshops, guest speakers, advisory committees, social action events, and forums. SWGSA membership is open to all MSW students.

I have a question for a current graduate student how can I contact a current student?

You may contact a current student through the SWGSA organization facebook account at