México 2011: Social Services and Social Work in México: Language Development, Service Delivery, Cultures and Traditions

Priority Application Deadline: December 15, 2011

Regular Application Deadline (if course is not filled by priority deadline): March 1, 2011

A special program for social work students in Cuernavaca and México City, México

Program Dates - July 15-August 12, 2011

As future professional social workers, graduates of our BASW and MSW Programs will work primarily with marginalized, oppressed, and disenfranchised populations. Because of this professional commitment combined with SJSU's location (both within California and also within the Greater Bay Area), many students will work with immigrant communities upon graduation. Many of these immigrant children, teens, families, adults, and older adults are either monolingual Spanish-speaking and/ or very early in their development of English-language skills. In order to be able to provide effective services to Spanish-speaking communities, the School of Social Work is committed to providing our students with an opportunity to develop/improve their Spanish-language skills as well as an opportunity to expand their knowledge of Mexican cultures and social service delivery systems in México - many of their clients will have come from these traditions and will have interfaced with these systems.

Academic Program and Program Overview

Course Enrollment

The San Jose State School of Social Work offers this course and all participants must take the following three unit course:

SW 285/180 is 3-credit hour course focusing on four primary learning objectives:

  1. Spanish-language development
  2. Increasing knowledge of social service systems and delivery of social services in México
  3. Increasing knowledge of the role of professional social workers in México
  4. Increasing knowledge of Mexican traditions and culture

The course includes: 3.5 weeks of intensive Spanish language, small-group classes; social service agency visits; lectures; small/large group discussions; field trips; museum tours; guest speakers; and films. No previous Spanish-language skill is required. The classes will be formed to meet the needs of individual students (from very beginner to very advanced).


While in Cuernavaca, students will stay with families in various neighborhoods around the city. The homestay families affiliated with CETLALIC are trained in social justice issues, awareness and acceptance of diverse student populations, special dietary cooking needs, etc. The estimated cost for the program is based on shared rooms. However, students can request a single room for a slightly adjusted price. Further, requests can be made for students to house/room together. While a significant piece of the learning will come from time with the homestay family, students can also request apartment accommodations Ð again for an adjusted price. While in México City for the last few days of the program, students will be staying in shared hotel rooms (individual rooms can be requested for an adjusted price).

Contact Information

Katie Galvin, Director of Field Education
E-mail: kgalvin@casa.sjsu.edu
Phone: (408) 924-5846
Office: WSQ 215

Application Information

The application consists of the Faculty-Led Program Application and can be found at: http://www.sjsu.edu/depts/studyabroad/forms/index.htm#flp

Please complete and submit this document to Katie Galvin in the School of Social Work by Wednesday, December 15, 2010 (priority deadline) or by Tuesday, March 1, 2011 (regular deadline if course is not filled by the 12/15/10 priority deadline).

Estimated Costs

SJSU Special Session Tuition (3 Credits @ $250 each) $ 750
SJSU Administrative fees $ 200

Intensive Spanish language classes, lodging, meals, class materials, ground

transportation, agency visits, and field trips

$ 2550{approx}
Estimated Total $ 3500{approx}
Air Fare (est.) $400-$500
  These estimated costs do not include personal expenses as this varies among different participants.

City Center - Cuernavaca

City Center - Cuernavaca (above)

Spanish classes at CETLALIC

Spanish classes at CETLALIC (above)

Fruit smoothie kiosk

Fruit stand (above)

Caminando Unidos - Children's Project

Caminando Unidos - Children's Project (above)

Shared room - Homestay

Shared room - Homestay (above)